Wipro Ltd.

Wipro Limited provides end-to-end design services in the area of ASIC/SOC designs. We have over three decades of experience in VLSI Design and have set examples of First time Silicon Success for many global customers. We have developed multiple >100M Gate designs for our customers targeting process nodes as low as 7nm.

Service Portfolio
  • ASIC/SOC Design, Verification, Validation, Design for Test, Physical design, Test and Product Engineering and manufacturing supply chain management Services for 7nm & larger technologies
    • Architecture definition & Architectural modeling
    • Behavioral Modeling, Virtual prototyping, Emulation
    • ARM based SOC design and development (Multiple Cores from M-Series through A-Series). All the way from MCUs through large application processors
    • Spec to GDSII Services
    • Design Verification Services
    • Physical Design Services
    • Analog & Mixed Signal: Circuit Design, Custom Layout, Mixed Signal Verification
    • Analog Design Migration service for process/fab migration
    • Design for Test Services: DFT, Fault Simulation, and Test Vector Generation
    • Cell library Development, Library Characterization
    • Silicon Functional Validation
    • ATE Test vector & Test program development
    • Test Hardware development
    • Silicon Characterization
    • Turnkey Silicon Fabrication, Package, Test and supply chain management services
  • System/ PCB Design
    • System Architecture
    • Design, Analysis and Simulation
    • Prototyping (Board design, layout, fab, assembly, component sourcing)
    • Prototype Design Validation Testing
    • Pre-Certification and Compliance Testing
    • Mechanical design engineering
    • Low Volume Manufacturing
    • JTAG vector development
    • Test Setup development
    • Manufacturing Diagnostic Development
    • Embedded SW development: Firmware, Middleware, application stacks
    • Sustenance engineering: Field Support, Component Obsolescence Management, Feature Enhancement, ROHS Compliance
    • Value Engineering: Cost Reduction, Feature optimization
Wipro has experience in multiple vertical domains and understands the unique needs of different vertical markets and offers services that are essential to success. Wipro has indepth capabilities and exhaustive experience in the areas of:
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Mobile Devices
  • Compute, Storage, Peripherals
  • Medical Devices
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Storage and Networking
  • Communication and Wireless Infrastructure
  • Industrial Automation
Contact Information
  • Global Primary Contact Preet Yadav
    Wipro Limited
    Phase 1, Electronic City, Bengaluru – 560 100, India
  • Global Secondary Contact Satish Premanathan
    Wipro Limited
    425 National Avenue, Suite 200
    Mountain View, California 94043, USA
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