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ADTechnology Co., Ltd.

ADTechnology Co., Ltd. ("ADT" hereafter) provides services of ASIC/SoC design, Analog Full Custom design, Platform-based design, and of IP Development and Licensing; through its Expert Engineers team of long experience in this industry and advanced leading technology of "System on a Chip (SoC)'.

With many of customers' recognition of our technological power from the early stage of the establishment in Aug. 2002, ADT carried out several SoC projects related to mobile/wireless applications, multimedia, and display. Also ADT achieved itself to be the Korean DCA (Design Center Alliance) of TSMC, one of the best foundries in the world; and which has been enabling ADT to provide its customers with more stabilized and optimized SoC Design Service.

In order to provide solutions fulfilling customers' needs of the best in good time, ADT has prepared in all aspects for optimized design with advanced technology such as 90nm and 65nm, and for Platform Based Design Solutions of ARM, ARC, Tensilica and others; and preparations of which provide customers with products of the best performance. Furthermore, ADT developed valuable display IPs for FPD (Flat Panel Display) and Analog IPs for Sensor Application.

ADT meets customers' requirements of Cost and TAT also; and will go on with doing its best as the SoC Design Partner for you to get one step closer to your Success.

Service Models Portfolio
ADTechnology Solutions
  • ASIC/SoC Turnkey Solution One-stop full Service covering whole process of ASIC/SoC Design Service from Design Specification to delivery of Product Chips.
  • AFE (Analog Front End) Solution IP solution by offering ADT's own IPs, leading IPs of world-famous IP partners, and customized Analog IPs required.
  • Platform Based Design Solution Platform Based Design Solution using Embedded Cores such as 8051, ARM, ARC, Tensilica, and others.
  • T-Con Solution Total Timing Controller Solution with Analog IP and ADT's TFT LCD T-Con Platform integrating LVDS Rx, RSDS Tx, Mini-LVDS Tx, internal oscillator, De-skew control block and ADT's own Digital Solution (FRC, Black Insertion and 120Hz Algorithm).
  • Production and Test Engineering Solution Customers-supporting service with Packaging and Testing of high quality by world's leading partner companies; and Test Program Development, Failure Analysis, Reliability Investigation, and Yield Management.
IP Portfolio
  • Display Interface High Speed LVDS Tx/Rx
    Mini LVDS Driver
    RSDS Driver (Reduced Signal Differential Signaling)
    LVDS for LCD TV
  • Mobile Application DC/DC Converter
    Sensor Driver
    Multi Function I/O (Gated/Retention/Analog Digital Mixed)
    Wide Voltage Range I/O (1.8-3.6V)
    Fail Safe I/O
  • Other Wide Range PLL / FS PLL
    Wide Range DLL
    ADC / DAC
    AFE (Analog Front End)
    Internal Oscillator

Contact Information
  • ADTechnology Co., Ltd. Address: RM1505 Megacenter, SKnTechnopark 190-1
    Sangdaewon-dong, Junwon-gu, Sungnam City,
    Kyounggui-do 462-721 Korea
    TEL: +82 (31) 776-3600
    FAX: +82 (31) 776-3609
    Contact Person: Brian Choi / Senior Manager
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