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TSMC’s innovative CoWoS® advanced packaging technology integrates logic computing and memory chips in a 3-D way for advanced products targeting artificial intelligence, cloud computing, data center, and super computer applications. This revolutionary 3-D integration facilitates power-efficient high speed computing while reducing heat and CO2 emissions.

In 2012, TSMC successfully used CoWoS® to integrate four 28nm chips, providing customers high-performance FPGA components with the shortest time-to-market. In 2014, TSMC produced the world’s first 16-nm three-chip integrated device with networking capabilities using CoWoS® technology.

Then in 2015, TSMC developed and qualified a super large interposer (greater than 32mm x 26mm) using CoWoS-XL technology. This process integrates multiple, large advanced chips on a single CoWoS® module and entered volume production in first half of 2016. The first devices manufactured on this process include an FPGA with 20nm multi-chip structure and super-high performance computing chips that integrated a 16/12nm SoC with a next generation HBM2 DRAM. Currently, TSMC is developing a 7nm CoWoS® advanced packaging technology, and will continue to provide complete Si-to-package business model for CoWoS manufacturing.
TSMC Reports Second Quarter EPS of NT$2.57(2019/07/18)
TSMC June 2019 Revenue Report(2019/07/10)
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