InFO (Integrated Fan-Out) Services

Wafer Level Chip Scale Package Services

TSMC's offers the industry-leading Integrated Fan-Out (InFO) wafer level packaging technology.

This technology can eliminate the substrate from the traditional electronic package, enabling thinner, smaller size, lower power and higher interconnect density. It also provides the flexibility to integrate logic, DRAM, and passive components in a compact format.

InFO technology is particularly suitable for high performance mobile application processor(AP) and network processors for applications including smartphone, tablet, and Ethernet switch ICs.

TSMC InFO packaging technology has successfully integrated 16nm, 10nm, and 7nm logic chips with low-power DRAM packages for advanced mobile applications. It also integrates multiple chips for high-end Ethernet switch applications in 2018. Currently, the Company is developing InFO packaging technology for the 5nm, and more advanced Si technologies.

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