Testing Services

TSMC provides integrated service includes test program development, probe card design and manufacturing to support new product introduction time to market through fast yield learn cycle, also supports the testing mass production service with satisfied quality, capacity and cycle time.

Test Program Service
  • Program Development
  • Program Conversion
  • Program Optimization
  • Program Correlation
Test Probe Card and Hardware Service
  • Tester interface (Probe Card & interface board) Design
  • Probe Card Manufacturing
  • Probe Card Solutions
  • Probe Card Maintenance
Customized Service
  • Remote Testing
  • Test Time Reduction
  • Low Yield Analysis
  • PAT(Part Average Testing)
Production Service
  • Tester Model (Uflex, 93K, J750) Selection
  • 8-inch and 12-inch Wafer Probing
  • Final Test
  • Prober and Handler with thermal control

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