Wafer Bumping Services

Wafer Bumping Services
TSMC Bumping Service Benefits:
  • Time-to-Market
    TSMC's chip-package-integration qualification in advanced Si nodes saves up to 9 months on customer products' flip chip package development.
  • Time-to-Volume
    TSMC has built a reputation to manage bump and wafer sort production through TSMC in-house manufacturing or outsourcing toed assembly and test suppliers. TSMC's integrated operation streamlines planning and simplifies supply chain management.

TSMC offers leading edge wafer bumping services:

Bump Material Lead Free Cu
Bump Material (Plated) SnAg Cu / SnAg Cap
Available Wafer Sizes 12" 12"
Max. Chip Size (mm2) <400 <700
Min. Bump Pitch (um) 150 80
EM Performance 1.0X 1.7X
Environmental Friendliness Yes Yes
Ultra Low Alpha Particle Emission Yes Yes
Polyimide Layer Required Required

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