Wafer Level System Integration (WLSI)

With the proliferation of AI and 5G from cloud data center to network router to edge applications, according to IDC 2017, the global data traffic will grow from 16 ZB in 2016 to 163 ZB in 2026, a 10X growth in 10 years. Data processing with fast speed and low power consumption becomes common pursuits in all applications. The innovations in system integration has become a key dimension and is accelerating to keep pace with the insatiable demands for data bandwidth, computing speed, and computing efficiency.

TSMC Wafer Level System Integration (WLSI) is leading the semiconductor industry into a new era of system scaling that goes beyond the scope defined by Moore's Law. Innovative 3DIC technology platforms, such as CoWoS® (Chip on Wafer on Substrate), InFO (Integrated Fan Out), and SoIC (System on Integrated Chips) enable innovation through chiplet partitioning and systems integration that achieves greater functionality and enhanced system performance at increasingly competitive costs.


Mutual leverage is the core value of WLSI

  1. Faster backend 3D fabrication yield improvement is achieved through leveraging front-end wafer fabrication resources and know-how
  2. Productivity, economies of scale and fast time-to-market are achieved by leveraging capacity, materials, process and equipment know-how amongst CoWoS®, InFO and SoIC

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