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TSMC provides foundry’s most comprehensive CMOS Image Sensor process technology portfolio, featuring superior resolution, faster speed, and lower power consumption.

TSMC’s CMOS Image Sensor technology ranges from 0.5-micron (µm) to 40nm nodes and supports a variety of applications, including PC cameras, digital cameras and recorders, digital TVs, toys, security systems, video cameras and other portable devices.

In 2017, TSMC had several achievements in CMOS Image Sensor technology including: (1) high-performance sub-micron pixel development, which was completed and made ready for mass production; (2) quantum efficiency (QE), which gained significant boost on near-infrared sensors by innovated structure and usage of new material; and (3) pitch density of wafer bond technology, which was pushed higher to maintain the Company’s world-wide leading position.

In 2016, CMOS Image Sensor technology made the following breakthroughs: (1) high-density wafer hybrid bond technology; (2) second-generation wafer backside trench isolation for pixels; and (3) composite metal grid structure for SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) per pixel improvement. The first breakthrough achieved the world’s most advanced pitch density. The second and third breakthroughs reduced per-pixel electrical and optical cross-talk for better image quality compared to previous generations of optical structures. All three technologies passed product and process qualification and are currently in mass production.
TSMC Reports Fourth Quarter EPS of NT$3.86(2019/01/17)
TSMC December 2018 Revenue Report(2019/01/10)
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