TSMC Shares Are an Attractive Investment for Semiconductor Innovations
The World's Largest and Best Semiconductor Foundry
  • Pioneered the dedicated semiconductor foundry business model, enabled fabless IC design industry to flourish and unleashed innovations with all Logic IC designers
  • Built the world's largest semiconductor design ecosystem, Open Innovation Platform®, and collaborated with its customers/partners to form the most powerful force of semiconductor innovations – about 85% of worldwide semiconductor start-up product prototypes were enabled by TSMC
  • Produced 10,761 different products using 272 different process technologies to serve hundreds of customers with the world's largest logic capacity of >12 million 12"-equivalent wafers in 2019
  • Enjoys a total foundry market share of 52% by unleashing customers' innovations and nurturing customers' success, which formed the foundation the Company's future success
Excellent Financial Performance; Consistently Delivered >20% ROE
  • The only foundry that consistently delivers excellent financial results. Delivered 16.7% revenue CAGR and 15.3% earnings CAGR since listing in 1994
  • Strategic financial objectives: (1) minimum 20% ROE across cycles; (2) earnings CAGR to be between 5% and 10% for the next few years
  • Fortress balance sheet with semiconductor industry's highest credit rating (S&P: AA-, Moody's Aa3)
  • Have relied only on internally generated funds to finance organic growth
  • Highly disciplined in mergers and acquisitions
Commit to Sustainable Cash Dividends and Paid US$8.4bn in 2019
  • Started paying cash dividends from 2004, and have never reduced dividend per share
  • Committed to a stable cash dividends on both annual and quarterly basis
An Ethical Company with Integrity
Sustainability Leader
Trinity of Strengths Enables TSMC to be Everyone's Foundry

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