Synapse Design

Founded in 2003, Synapse Design has provided end-to-end semiconductor design services to 95% of the world’s top fabless, ODM and IDM companies. The Company maintains the industry’s highest quality semiconductor design services and solutions providing low-power, mixed-signal ASICs and SoC design services from architecture specification to tapeout, including system-level software and embedded firmware development. Synapse Design creates end-to-end hardware/software design solutions targeting Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Data Center/IoT, automotive/autonomous, multimedia mobile, networking, and communications/storage applications. In June 2021, QuEST Global, a global product engineering and lifecycle services company, announced the acquisition of Synapse Design. As a QuEST’s wholly owned subsidiary, Synapse Design will continue to operate under the leadership of its founders, Satish Bagalkotkar and Devesh Gautam.

Service Models Portfolio

Synapse Design is the recognized leader in the design of complex SOC designs from spec to a fully verified GDSII ready for fabrication. The Company’s expert engineering teams deliver designs down to 5nm that meet very stringent requirements for area, power and performance.

  • Digital Design
    • Micro Architecture
    • RTL coding (Verilog, VHDL)
    • Low power methodology
    • DFT Architecture
    • Synthesis
    • Formal verification and static timing analysis
    • FPGA prototyping
  • Design Verification
    • Functional verification
    • Low power verification
    • System Verilog w/UVM
    • Emulation
    • Gate level simulation w/timing
    • Vector verification
  • Physical Implementation & Test
    • Scan, Memory bist, Boundary Scan, ATPG, Logic bist
    • Top and block level physical implementation
    • Analog block integration
    • Low power methodology
    • Floor planning, Customization
    • Clock tree synthesis
    • Place/Route & Optimization
    • Scan reordering
    • Timing closure
    • IR-drop and signal integrity closure
    • Physical verification & Formal Verification
    • Simulations & ATPG Patterns

Synapse Design is a leader in the development of high-speed serial interfaces, power management modules, data converters, low power RF and other high value analog IP macros.

  • Circuit Design
    • Block level design expertise in SerDes, PMU, ADC, DAC, DC-DC and RF
    • Adherence to SerDes, PMU or RF protocols
    • Verilog-A or VHDL-A to RNM for digital environments
  • Custom Layout
    • Digital and analog device layout
    • Expert experience down 5nm
    • Experience with all analog circuits and RF
    • Parasitic extraction
  • Verification and Characterization
    • Spice level circuit verification vs. Verilog-A models
    • Verilog-AMS experts
    • Protocol verification
    • CAD tool model generation (timing, physical behavioral)
    • Library characterization

Synapse Design offers complete turnkey development services in the software and embedded firmware space. The Synapse Design team is experienced on the latest embedded processors, languages and development environments.

  • Hardware Platform
    • Device and host side drivers
    • Bare metal programming
    • Abstraction layers
    • All mainstream processor cores
  • Firmware
    • Command handlers
    • RTOS/kernel work
    • Core features
    • Board support packages
  • Middleware
    • Protocol stacks
    • Message passing
    • Database managers
    • Security layers (TCG/FIPS)
    • A/V codecs
    • Network stacks
  • Applications
    • UI/UGI design
    • Web client/server development
    • Porting
    • Firmware integration
    • Test/tools/validation
Contact Information
  • Prabir Mohanty
    SVP of Business Development
    2200 Laurelwood Rd,
    Santa Clara, CA 95054
    TEL (office & mobile): 408-483-1794
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