Sofics is an independent IP provider that develops, supports and licenses on design solutions for ICs with strong technical and economical advantages. The Sofics on-chip ESD solutions complement the public, foundry or customer owned protection solutions in nano, standard and HV processes.

Sofics ESD solutions are product proven in 0.5um to 40nm low voltage processes, and are used today in more than 1000 ICs in high volume production.

Sofics is a TSMC Design Center Alliance (DCA) and TSMC IP alliance partner. The ESD solutions are silicon proven for TSMC process nodes down to 28nm.

Services and support
Sofics business models include
  • Single-use, multi-use or royalty bearing license for ESD clamps
  • Services to customize ESD protection
    • Enable unique requirements for Latch-up, ESD, EOS
    • Layout, metallization and aspect ratio customization
    • Area, capacitance, leakage optimization
  • Transfer of individual clamps to another target technology
  • Develop custom ESD clamps for foundry or proprietary process
  • Debugging and correcting an existing IC or IO
  • Beyond standard IOs – custom built IO & ESD protection – together with partners
  • ESD testing and analysis
Product lines
Different Sofics product lines:
  • TakeCharge IP – on-chip ESD solutions for advanced CMOS applications
  • PowerQubic IP – on-chip EOS/ESD solutions for high voltage and power applications
  • CustomIO – beyond standard IOs – custom built IO & ESD protection
  • ESDdoctor – ESD consulting & test services
Contact Information
  • Sofics BVBA Groendreef 31
    B-9880 Aalter

    TEL: +32 9 21 68 333
    FAX: +32 9 37 46 846

    Contact Person(business): Pieter Donck
    Contact Person(technical): Bart Keppens
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