Inomize, LTD.

Inomize is a leading provider of turnkey ASIC and SoC designs. Utilizing proven methodologies, Inomize achieve a first time right design in minimal time, with the highest level of quality. Inomize specializes in managing complete complex ASIC projects, starting at the definition stage, architecture, algorithm, documentations, reviews, digital design coding, analog, RF design, synthesis and implementation. Our comprehensive expertise in semiconductors, CPU subsystem, algorithms, video, analog and RF qualifies us as your ideal consultant in ASIC and algorithms design services.

Service Model

Inomize's services are focused on the needs of our customer in its targeted markets. Inomize offers system architecture development and full design of integrated circuits. Inomize offers a unique business module to startup companies reducing the development time and the risk that usually involved in such projects.

  • SoC Integration: Specification to GDSII
    • Definition and architecture
    • IP integration and customization
    • Ultra low power optimization
    • Compete advanced multi core CPU&DSP SoC Design
  • Analog Design
    • Ultra high speed ADC, DAC, PLL and synthesizers
    • Custom solutions meeting challenging design requirements, taking into consideration challenging power/area/performance requirements while reducing project risks
    • Vast experience of complex analog design in deep sub-micron processes
  • Implementation Methodologies
    • Low power optimization
    • Advanced technology nodes
    • Design for Test (DFT)
    • Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
  • Integrated Manufacturing
    • Package engineering
    • Test engineering
    • Product engineering
    • Quality and Reliability engineering
    • Supply chain management
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