Toppan Inc.

Toppan Technical Design Center,as a design division of Toppan Inc., provides customers with LSI design service, application design service.

Toppan Technical Design Center contribute to product development of customers by state-of-the-art solution enabled from collaboration with other electronics section and R&D facility.

Design Service Portfolio
  • Device Development and Design
    • Semiconductor Design / Software Development Utilizing Network Design Environment
    • Micro Computer, Memory, Analog, Driver Design
    • Electronic Device Design
    • Chip set and Firmware Design
    • Software Development for Micro Computer
  • System Development and Design
    • Development for Information system and Bus interface system
    • Development for Communication System
    • System Board Development (including Software Development)
    • Development for Test Board which Embed with FPGA
    • Development for Functional Macro
    • Consultation for IP Embed
  • Application Technology
    • Service and Consultant for Semiconductor Design
    • Development and Sell for Educational Contents
    • Support for Design Technology
    • Web Contents Produce
  • Turn-key Service
Contact Information
  • Toppan Technical Design Center 3-19-26 shibaura,
    Minato-ku Tokyo, 108-8539,
    TEL: +81-3-5418-3911
    FAX: +81-3-3453-6324
    Contact Person: Kimihiko Watanabe
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