TSMC 2023 Technology Symposium

Wed, April 26 |North America Technology Symposium
Wed, May 3|Austin Technology Workshop
Tue, May 9|Boston Technology Workshop
Thu, May 11|Taiwan Technology Symposium
Tue, May 23|Europe Technology Symposium
Tue, June 6|Israel Technology Workshop
Wed, June 21|China Technology Symposium
Fri, June 30|Japan Technology Symposium



Wednesday, April 26North America Technology Symposium
Wednesday, May 3Austin Technology Workshop
Tuesday, May 9Boston Technology Workshop
Thursday, May 11Taiwan Technology Symposium
Tuesday, May 23Europe Technology Symposium
Tuesday, June 6Israel Technology Workshop
Wednesday, June 21China Technology Symposium
Friday, June 30Japan Technology Symposium

Join us and learn about:

  • TSMC's smartphone, HPC, IoT, and automotive platform solutions
  • TSMC's advanced technology progress on 5nm, 4nm, 3nm, 2nm processes and beyond
  • TSMC's specialty technology breakthroughs on ultra-low power, RF, embedded memory, power management, sensor technologies, and more
  • TSMC 3DFabric™ advanced packaging technology advancement on InFO, CoWoS®, and SoIC
  • TSMC's manufacturing excellence, capacity expansion plan, and green manufacturing achievement
  • TSMC's Open Innovation Platform® Ecosystem to speed up time-to-design