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TSMC Volunteers Help Underprivileged Girls Explore Career Paths ( 2016/07/06 )
TSMC Volunteers Organize and Implement Social Activities for Underprivileged Students in Rural Areas ( 2016/06/17 )
TSMC Volunteers Lead the Way for Visually Impaired Children ( 2016/02/27 )
TSMC Volunteers Provide Math Tutoring for Underprivileged Students ( 2016/02/04 )

TSMC Volunteers Bring Resources to Underprivileged Students in Rural Areas ( 2015/12/30 )
TSMC Partners with Local Communities for a Mountain Cleanup Initiative ( 2015/11/14 )
TSMC Community Volunteers Celebrate Double Ninth Festival with the Elderly at Hsinchu Veterans Home ( 2015/10/24 )
TSMC Provides Underprivileged Students in Rural Areas with Diverse Learning Opportunities ( 2015/10/20 )

TSMC Assists National Taitung Jr. College to Reconstruct the Mechanical Workshop ( 2017/07/17 )
TSMC Volunteers Share "Love Gifts" with Disabled Children of Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation
( 2017/06/24 )
TSMC Volunteers Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival with Underprivileged Elders and Children ( 2017/05/30 )
TSMC Volunteers Care for Local Community to Assist Orchard Workers Picking and Packaging Oranges ( 2017/01/07 )

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For more information or to provide feedback on our CSR strategy, please contact us at csr@tsmc.com.
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