TSMC Board of Directors Resolution

Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C. – March 2, 2012 –The TSMC (NYSE: TSM) Board of Directors today held a special meeting and approved the appointment of Senior Vice President of R&D Dr. Shang-yi Chiang, Senior Vice President of Operations Dr. Mark Liu, and Senior Vice President of Business Development Dr. C.C. Wei as Executive Vice Presidents and Co-Chief Operating Officers of TSMC.

Following these appointments, the three Executive VPs and Co-COOs, as well as TSMC’s Finance and Legal organizations, will report directly to Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Morris Chang. All other organizations will report to the three Executive VPs and Co-COOs. The new organizational structure will take effect on March 5, 2012.

TSMC Spokesperson

Wendell Huang
Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Tel: 886-3-5055901

Acting Spokesperson/Media Contacts

Nina Kao
Public Relations Department
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