TSMC Announces Resignation of Don Brooks, Dr. Morris Chang to Take Reins as President May 1

March 4, 1997, Hsin-chu Taiwan- Don Brooks has announced his plans to resign as president of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) effective May 1, 1997. Company Chairman Morris Chang announced today the resignation of this longtime friend. Dr. Chang also announced that he will step in as president of TSMC.

"Since his arrival in 1991, Don Brooks has provided dramatic leadership that built TSMC into the world's most successful dedicated foundry," said Dr. Morris Chang. "His leadership came at some personal expense in that he has lived a great distance from family for the last six years." Dr. Chang said that both men felt Brook's move is well-timed for the challenges the company faces in the next five years. "I faced a choice between another long-term commitment in Taiwan as the company comes out of this downturn, continues its aggressive expansion, and embraces the rapid pace of technology change," commented Brooks. "On the other side of it, my wife and I left behind friends, children, grandchildren and extended family who we'd like to be closer to."

"In anticipation his return to the United States, Brooks has also relinquished his positions on the board of directors of TSMC and Vanguard international Semiconductor Corporation, Hisn-chu. According to Brooks his near term plans include golf, travel and fishing.

Don Brooks, 58, joined TSMC in 1991 - a year that produced NT$ 4.5 billion in revenue and marked the company's return to profitability. During his tenure, TSMC has grown at an average annual rate of 54% and enjoyed average annual profits of 108%. Prior to joining TSMC, Brooks founded and was president of Current Ventures Company, a venture capital firm for start-up companies and high-tech acquisitions. Brooks was president and CEO of Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation from 1983 to 1987 when it was merged with National Semiconductor. During a 22-year career at Texas Instruments, Brooks reached a position of vice-president and ran the company's MOS memory, linear and other IC businesses. Brooks, who received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Southern Methodist University in 1961, has more than 35 years of experience in the semiconductor and electronics industry.

TSMC's investment in its "TSIP Manufacturing Center" project is even greater than the sixth naphtha cracker project, the "Liu r. Morris Chang, 64, was the founder and has served as chairman of TSMC since its founding in 1987. A U.S. citizen, Dr. Morris Chang also had a distinguished career prior to moving to Taiwan as president and COO of General Instrument Corporation and 25 years in various positions with Texas Instruments, including those of Group vice-president in charge of TI's world-wide semiconductor business and Group vice-president in charge of its world-wide Consumer Products business. He received his BS and MS degrees in mechanical engineering from MIT, and his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford.