Tainan County Government and Tainan Science Park Administration Build a Quality Living Environment as TSMC Expands Workforce

Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C. -- June 16, 2006 – The Tainan County Government, the Tainan Science Park Administration, and TSMC held a joint news conference today to showcase the science park’s outstanding facilities and environment, as well as the park’s development and future prospects. TSMC unveiled 400 new employment opportunities for engineers in the world’s most advanced 12-inch semiconductor fab, and welcomed both new graduates and experienced workers to settle in the Tainan Science Park and build a bright future together.

“Tainan County developed the high-quality living environment surrounding Tainan Science Park with a vision of ‘bringing technology and humanity together’,” said Tainan County Magistrate Su Huan-chi. “For example, public facilities in the 3,283 hectare ‘Tainan Science Park Special Zone’ are set for completion by the end of 2006, greatly improving the living environment in the zone. At the same time, 12 companies have already moved into the LCD television zone next door to the Tainan Science Park, and they are working hand in hand with optoelectronics firms in the park to mutually improve competitiveness. In addition, the county’s ‘Cambridge River Project’, as well rapidly-expanding network of roads connecting the park with its environs, will bring even more comfort and convenience to workers living in and around the park.”

Tai Chein, Director-General of the Tainan Science Park, said: “Tainan Science Park is now a heavyweight the global technology industry, and a locomotive for Taiwan’s economic growth. The continued development of the Tainan Science Park, together with its blossoming living environment, is attracting more and more technology companies as well as talented people. This year Tainan Science Park will challenge its ‘Double Five’ target of NT$500 billion in revenue and 50,000 workers. TSMC’s continued growth in operations and manpower will be an important factor in reaching this target.”

Dr. P.H. Chang, TSMC Vice President of Human Resources pointed out that TSMC was the first company to build a facility in the Tainan Science Park. “When construction began in July 1997 on the park’s first eight-inch fab, TSMC’s Fab 6, the site was surrounded by nothing but sugarcane fields. Construction vehicles had difficulty entering and leaving on narrow industrial roads,” Dr. Chang said. “By the time Fab 6 began production in March 2000, the park’s development had started to take shape. Today, Fab 6 is in full production with capacity of more than 900,000 wafers this year. TSMC’s second wafer fab in Tainan, Fab 14, began production in 2004 and is gradually expanding capacity. This year annual capacity is expected to reach 328,000 12-inch wafers (about 738,000 eight-inch equivalents), and once phases one, two, and three are fully developed, monthly capacity will reach as high as 115,000 12-inch wafers. And a look around at the park today will show you that the comfortable and convenient living environment has improved greatly over the past nine years.”

“TSMC has some 20,000 employees, with about 15,000 in Hsinchu and 5,000 in Tainan, and every one of them is elite. Whether in Hsinchu or Tainan, TSMC not only provides job opportunities with rich development potential, compensation and benefits above the industry average, and tailor-made training and development programs, we also give our employees a high-quality and fun working environment,” Dr. Chang said. “As our TSMC colleagues strive for excellence at work, we hope they also have a rich personal life, maintaining a healthy work-life balance.”

“Fab 14 is the world’s most advanced, most highly automated 12-inch logic chip fab, and bears the responsibility of developing TSMC’s mass production technology,” said Dr. Chang. “In addition, strong demand from our customers means that Fab 14 will need to add 400 new staff, primarily nanometer technology production engineers, from this month to the end of October. We welcome talent from everywhere to join us.”

A poll by top Taiwan job-search website 104 Job Bank in May found TSMC was the “most sought-after company for new graduates”, while a June poll by Cheers Magazine and CommonWealth Magazine put TSMC at the top of “The Top 100 Corporations Most Admired by the New Generation”, citing TSMC’s global outlook, culture of integrity, emphasis on cultivating talent, comprehensive training, and concern for employee welfare. At the same time, many experienced workers seeking to change jobs are considering TSMC for the same reasons.