TSMC Selects Applied Materials’ Black Diamond? Low K Dielectric for Copper Chip Production in 200mm and 300mm FabsWorld's Largest Chip Foundry Achieves 8-Level Copper Dual Damascene with Black Diamond for 0.13 Micron Devices

HSINCHU, Taiwan, January 18, 2001 — Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the world’s largest dedicated chip foundry, has selected Applied Materials, Inc.'s Black Diamond? CVD (chemical vapor deposition) low k film for producing TSMC’s latest high-performance 0.13 micron copper chips. TSMC is also working with Applied Materials to extend Black Diamond technology to its next-generation 0.10 micron devices that are currently in development.

Applied Materials' Black Diamond process enables chipmakers to rapidly and cost-effectively incorporate a low K dielectric into their copper interconnect structures using conventional CVD equipment and silicon-based materials. With Black Diamond, customers can extend their existing systems and avoid costly proprietary chemicals typically needed by spin-on technologies.

Dr. F. C. Tseng, president of TSMC, said, “An economical, production-worthy low k dielectric is one of the key requirements for realizing the potential of copper chip technology for increased speed and lower power consumption. Applied Materials' Black Diamond low k film meets this requirement. We are also confident in this product’s extendibility to multiple generations of devices, including those that will be made in our 300mm fabs, which will begin volume production this year.”

Used in combination with copper's low electrical resistance, Applied Materials' Black Diamond technology offers a full range of k-values from 3.0 to 2.0. These advancements can create more powerful chips with large-scale improvements in speed and power consumption. TSMC deposits Black Diamond film using Applied Materials' CVD systems for both 200mm and 300mm wafers; additional Producer?systems are being shipped to TSMC in January, 2001 to expand copper chip production using Black Diamond.

"Very few chipmakers in the world can match TSMC’s combination of technical excellence and timely execution of advanced technologies while focusing on economic performance," noted Dr. Dan Maydan, president of Applied Materials. "We appreciate being able to work closely with TSMC, one of our most technically sophisticated customers, to commercialize Black Diamond for their extremely broad range of device types and sophisticated technology requirements."

Dr. Shang-Yi Chiang, senior vice president of Research and Development at TSMC, said, "The Black Diamond technology has achieved several key milestones for us, including its use on every level for 8-level copper integration interconnects. We have seen an improvement in interconnect delay of more than 20 percent over FSG (fluorinated silicate glass), with good reliability. Black Diamond has demonstrated good thermal and mechanical properties, packaging reliability and cost, all of which contribute to its superior manufacturability compared to low k alternatives."

For next-generation low k requirements, Applied Materials' Black Diamond film can continue to be used in combination with the company's BLOk? barrier low k CVD film to further reduce the capacitance of the overall dielectric stack structure. Also available on the Producer system, the BLOk process can easily be integrated into manufacturing lines using proven hardware.

"TSMC has proven their leadership once again by being the first company to demonstrate an 8-layer metal interconnect system using copper with a low k dielectric," said Dr. Farhad Moghadam, vice president and general manager of Applied Materials' Dielectric Systems and Modules Product Group. "We are pleased to have worked with TSMC on this milestone accomplishment and look forward to beginning our collaboration this month on next-generation low k requirements for 0.1 micron device technology at TSMC's R&D facility in Hsinchu for both 200mm and 300mm wafers."

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