Vice President and Assistant to TSMC Chairman Mr. Y. C. Huang to Retire by the End of March

Hsinchu, Taiwan, February 4, 2002 - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.(“ TSMC” or “ the Company” ) (TAIEX: 2330, NYSE: TSM), announced today that Mr. Y. C. Huang, the company’s vice president and assistant to Chairman, has decided to retire at the end of March. Having served TSMC for 15 years, Mr. Huang is the first senior executive on TSMC’s management team to retire.

Mr. Y. C. Huang was a personal witness to the pioneering days of the semiconductor industry in Taiwan, and has participated TSMC’s growth as the leader in the global IC foundry business. “TSMC has provided me with challenges and the ability to grow my skills, and has greatly enriched my personal life. Since making the decision to retire, my fond memories of the time spent with my colleagues, and my emotional attachment to the company, have grown stronger,” said Mr. Huang. He plans to spend more time with his family as well as in his favorite activities after he retires.

As one of the first members of TSMC’s founding management team, Mr. Y. C. Huang has held the positions of fab facility manager, manufacturing department manager, fab director, senior director of corporate services, vice president of corporate services, assistant to Chairman and spokesperson.

Dr. Morris Chang, chairman of TSMC, indicated that Mr. Y. C. Huang had contributed significantly to the company’s development. “Mr. Huang’s integrity, his devotion to enhancing the company’s working environment and quality, and his genuine concern for employees, have been particularly impressive,” said Dr. Chang. “Even though we feel reluctant to Mr. Huang’s leaving, we respect his decision and wish him the very best.”

In the past two year, Mr. Y. C. Huang has served as the supervising executive of TSMC’s ombudsman system. He successfully established a smooth communication channel between employees and the company for filing complaints and suggestions. The company’s ombudsman system will be supervised by vice president Mr. J. B. Chen after Mr. Huang retires.

While serving as the company’s assistant to Chairman and spokesperson, Mr. Y. C. Huang successfully mediated the communication and coordination between the company, the government, the local community, and the Association of Allied Industries in Science-Based Industrial Park. During the period following a major earthquake that devastated Taiwan on September 21, 1999, Mr. Huang assisted in handling the emergency affairs within the company. He also contacted government authorities on behalf of all manufacturers based inside the Science-Based Industrial Park to voice their requests for continued supplies of water and electric power. At the same time, he also successfully negotiated with and coordinated many different companies in the Park regarding the allocation of related resources. Thanks to his efforts, companies based in the Park were able to resume production within the shortest time possible, which ensured the global competitiveness of Taiwan’s high-tech industry.

Profile of Mr. Y.C. Huang

Mr. Y. C. Huang entered Taiwan’s IC industry during its earliest days. During the period Mr. Huang served at Electronics Research & Service Organization, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) between 1976 and 1987, he was once sent to RCA to receive training on semiconductor plant system in the US. In 1976, he participated in the construction of the first demonstration plant in Taiwan. In 1985, he took part in the construction of the first 6-inch fab (currently Fab 1 leased from ITRI by TSMC) in Taiwan.