Dr. Rick Tsai Named President of VIS Dr. CY Lu Appointed Senior Advisor of VIS

Hsin-Chu, Taiwan, January 13, 1999 - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd. (TSMC) (NYSE: TSM) and Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation (VIS) jointly announced that, effective from today, Dr. Rick Tsai, formerly executive VP, operation of TSMC, has been named president of VIS. Dr. CY Lu, formerly president of VIS, has been appointed senior advisor of VIS. Dr. FC Tseng, president of TSMC will take direct responsibilities for all TSMC operations activities.

"Since joining TSMC in 1989, Dr. Rick Tsai held a variety of positions, including deputy director of Fab II, director of Fab III, and vice-president of south-site. In May of 1997, Dr. Tsai was appointed the executive vice-president of TSMC, responsible for operations, new fab planning and engineering, and taking part in forming and implementing company strategies. Dr. Tsai's distinguished performance is highly recognized both internally and across the industry", said Dr. Morris Chang, Chairman of TSMC and VIS, "Over the past few years, Dr. Tsai has grown with TSMC and has built significant industry experience. Dr. Tsai is therefore the perfect candidate to lead VIS, which has already established a solid position due to the effort of the VIS management team up to now. I believe that under the leadership of Dr. Tsai, as well as the synergy from the alliance between VIS, TSMC and Etron, VIS will be able to introduce 0.19 um 64M DRAM to the market timely and continue to develop into a world-class DRAM and IDM company."

Morris Chang said that Dr. CY Lu is truly a talent with broad experiences and resources. Dr. Lu was formerly in charge of the Sub-micron Process Technology Development Project of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). After the establishment of VIS, a spin-off from the Sub-micron Project, Dr. Lu served as vice president of operations, vice president of R&D, and president of VIS to build up a solid foundation for VIS's long-term development. Dr. Lu's thorough grounding in the IC technology has led VIS to develop its own independent R&D capability. VIS's strong R&D capability will contribute significantly to the long-term development of the company.

Morris Chang pointed out that there are a great number of talents sharing the same vision and value in TSMC and its affiliated companies. Over the past years, there has been transfers of managers and staff among these companies according to different needs at various stages. The model of exchanging manpower has served its purpose well, and therefore will continue to be used in the future.