TSMC Reiterates its Commitment to Customer Relationship Confidentiality

Hsinchu, Taiwan, February 2, 2001 -- Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd (TSMC) today re-iterates its commitment to customer relationship confidentiality and hopes that all media will respect and support this commitment.

Ms. Chen stated that recent reports and analyses by the media on TSMC's relationship with Texas Instruments and Motorola are erroneous and untrue. Furthermore, TSMC was not asked to verify the contents of those reports. The reports have already injured the reputation which TSMC has built in protecting the confidentiality of customer relationships. Ms. Chen re-iterated TSMC's commitment to customer relationship confidientiality and reserves TSMC's right to legal recourse for mis-reporting by any media.

TSMC appeals to the media to respect and understand its commitment to customer relationship confidentiality. However, to the extent that TSMC is free to do so, it will also continue to co-operate with all media.