Resonext Communications Taps TSMC CMOS Process for World's First 5GHz Zero-IF CMOS TransceiverTSMC 0.18-Micron, 1.8 Volt CMOS Process Provides Performance and Low Power Characteristics for Resonext’s Unique Single-Chip RF Architecture

San Jose, Calif. —October 15, 2001 — Resonext? Communications, Inc., an emerging developer of Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) semiconductor products, today announced a single-chip 5GHz True Zero-IF RF transceiver using a 0.18-micron, 1.8 volt mixed-signal/RF CMOS process from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).

Resonext’s 5GHz True Zero-IF transceiver will become an integral component of the company’s advanced 802.11a WLAN chipset family that will be announced later this month. Resonext is completing the development, characterization, optimization, and qualification of Resonext’s RF circuits on TSMC’s 0.18-micron mixed-signal/RF CMOS process. This process will be used for the high volume manufacturing of radio components used for Resonext’s upcoming WLAN chipset family.

“Our cooperation with TSMC allows Resonext to develop our unique Zero IF radio technology on a world-class fabrication technology with superior quality and high yield,” says David Tahmassebi, President and CEO of Resonext Communications. “TSMC’s mixed-signal/RF CMOS technology provides a platform for our cost effective, small and low power consumption radio architecture, as well as enabling a long-term product roadmap for highly integrated system-on-a-chip (SoC) designs.”

“Resonext’s design is an example of how TSMC’s industry-leading mixed-signal/RF technology can be used to greatly expand the application space for mixed-signal CMOS processes,” said John Chern, director of mixed-signal/RF marketing for TSMC.

Resonext’s True Zero-IF radio architecture on TSMC’s standard mixed-signal/RF CMOS process reduces design complexity, cost, and power consumption while enabling small form factor designs. Compared to a superheterodyne solution, an RF design using Resonext’s radio can result in approximately $5 to $7 in component cost savings and approximately 50% reduction in board space.

The radio is currently being demonstrated with the company’s Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) modem technology under Non-Disclosure Agreements.

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