TSMC Announces Reorganization to Improve Structural Profitability and Strengthen Customer Partnership

Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C., February 29, 2008 – TSMC announced today that it has approved the request of Dr. Kenneth Kin, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Service, to retire at the end of this year. Prior to his retirement, Dr. Kin will serve as Senior Vice President of Special Projects responsible for ongoing new business initiatives and developing new strategic businesses, effective March 1. Dr Kin will continue to report directly to Chief Executive Officer Dr. Rick Tsai until his retirement.

“Under Kenneth’s seven years of innovative leadership, the Worldwide Sales and Service organization not only realized a threefold increase in revenues but also strengthened our partnerships with customers. He has our most sincere appreciation for his outstanding contribution to TSMC over the years,” said Dr. Tsai. “Before his retirement, he will continue his service to TSMC by exploring growth opportunities for the company.”

In parallel with Dr. Kin’s new appointment, TSMC will reorganize towards a structure similar to business unit organization in order to improve the company’s structural profitability and further strengthen customer partnership. “We expect the implementation of this long-planned reorganization gives all TSMC employees additional flexibility to be more productive and innovative, bring greater value to customers, generate revenue and profit growth, and enhance returns to our long-term shareholders,” Dr. Tsai said.

TSMC announced that beginning March 1, its Operations I and Operations II organizations will merge with technology and service marketing units under the Corporate Development Organization to form the new Advanced Technology Business Organization and Mainstream Technology Business Organization. These two new organizations will respectively take responsibility for formulation, development, and execution of advanced technology and mainstream technology business objectives, and will assume full accountability for financial performance.

In addition, the Worldwide Sales and Service Organization will merge with the market analysis and research units under the Corporate Development Organization to form the Worldwide Sales and Marketing Organization, which will integrate the company’s sales and marketing functions. The worldwide account management teams will serve both the Advanced Technology Business and the Mainstream Technology Business organizations, and retain their role as the customer contact for both entities.

The newly-established Advanced Technology Business, Mainstream Technology Business, and Worldwide Sales and Marketing Organizations will respectively come under the leadership of Senior Vice President Dr. Mark Liu, Senior Vice President Dr. C.C. Wei, and Vice President Jason Chen, and all will report directly to CEO Dr. Rick Tsai. In addition, other organizations in the company will also readjust to support this reorganization soon.

“The fondest memories of my career will be my service in TSMC,” said Dr. Kenneth Kin. “As a student in the United States, and later as an executive with IBM, Motorola, and other major international corporations, I never expected to have this opportunity to return to Taiwan and join TSMC management team in building a world-class company. I will especially treasure this opportunity to explore new businesses for TSMC before I retire.”