Topping-out Ceremony Held for TSMC's Fab V

Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan, June 28, 1996- Construction of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company's (TSMC's) fifth fab moved a step closer today, when the company held a topping-out ceremony at the factory site in Hsin-Chu. Fab V, TSMC's third 8-inch fab, is scheduled for production kicking-off in September, 1997.

Since we broke ground last November, construction of Fab V has progressed smoothly and we expect it to be completed by October of this year," said Mr. Donald Brooks, TSMC President. According to Mr. Brooks, the clean room for Fab V will be ready by March 1997, after which all manufacturing equipment will be set up. TSMC expects to begin producing its first engineering wafers at Fab V by July 1997, with ramping-up to commence in September 1997.

Mr. Don Brooks said that although overall growth in the IC market has leveled out recently, from this January to May TSMC still achieved a strong grwoth of 70% over the same period of last year. In the future, while it is supported by stable option agreements with long term customers, TSMC will be constantly improving its service and upgrading its technology to further increase its competitiveness.

TSMC is investing NT$30 billion to make Fab V one of the most advanced 8-inch fabs in the world. Fab V will also be the first fab in Taiwan to feature a space-saving "stacked" design. In the 31-meter-high fab building, two three-story clean rooms will be built on top of one another or "stacked". The two clean rooms will occupy a total area of 7,900 square meters. TSMC Fab V will have a potential monthly output of 30,000 8-inch wafers, utilizing state-of-the-art process technology of 0.35um initially, shifting to 0.25um and eventually 0.18um.