Introducing the First 3-Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor For All Consumer Electronic OEMS

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif., Sept. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Y Media Corporation, the company whose imaging solutions allow end-users to see from anywhere, to anywhere, anytime, introduces the world's first 3.17 Megapixel C3D(TM) image sensor designed for both high-resolution digital still and video in consumer electronics appliances. Y Media's new multi-megapixel sensor, the YM-3170A, is the first to offer the largest resolution array yet smallest pixel size. Additionally, it offers the lowest power consumption and full video frame rates in CMOS-based technology. Y Media's 3.17 Megapixel C3D(TM) image sensor will match and exceed the imaging performance of the current generation of CCD (Charged-Coupled Device) sensors. The YM-3170A also improves consumer electronics manufacturers ability to deliver the next break-through in ultra-portable consumer devices like digital still cameras, video cameras, and HDTV camcorders.

"We believe that our revolutionary approach of design and process improvements provides consumer electronics manufacturers a high-quality image sensor option that previously was not available in the marketplace," states Y Media's CEO and President Ian Olsen. "Delivering a totally new class of image sensor innovation for the consumer space means that Y Media is well-positioned to assist OEMs as they transition from the previous capture technology to the next generation."

The Benefits of 3.17 Megapixel C3D Image Sensor

The 3.17 Megapixel C3D image sensor offers the lowest power consumption combined with the highest resolution capture area available to a wide audience of OEMs. The YM-3170A visible resolution matches that of state of the art 3 Megapixel CCDs currently on the market. This new sensor gives OEMs the functionality that they need to transform today's discrete products into new hybrids such as high-density digital still plus video all-in-one cameras, as well as video camcorders with resolutions ideal for digital broadcasting. Y Media's 3.17 Megapixel C3D image sensor advances the manufacturing process for CMOS imagers to 0.25-micron scale, allowing the Company to create sensors with more than three times as many pixels in the same area as the current CMOS imager industry benchmark.

Smaller array sizes enable more complex functionality, greater speeds, further miniaturization, and lower power dissipation resulting in the best image solution for battery-powered mobile consumer devices. Furthermore, C3D innovation extends CMOS imaging functionality by shrinking the individual pixel size to an unprecedented 3.3-microns -- the smallest pixel size available in CMOS. Y Media's smaller pixel size allows more than three times as many pixels without increasing the overall size of the image array or chip, thus accommodating a true 1/2" optical format for the 3.17 Megapixel image sensor. This provides the OEM with a greater selection of lens choices, allowing optimization of cost and performance in camera applications.

The 3.17 Megapixel C3D image sensor approaches the quality of film-based pictures and brings a full-frame 4:3 aspect ratio that is three times the resolution of any competitive solution. The image sensor also offers a full range of programmable features, such as variable windowing mode, making possible different aspect ratios including 3:2 and the popular HDTV format of 16:9. Programmable windowing also simplifies many camera functions like digital pan and zoom. Importantly, as the YM-3170A integrates more features into the image sensor, back-end ASIC or companion chip-processing needs as well as overall power consumption are reduced. OEMs can add artistic options and differentiation for end-users by enabling new features like selective color gain, motion-focus tracking, and color-enhanced preview. In addition, the sensor offers automatic VGA (640 x 480 pixels) resolution sub-sampling for preview mode that reduces da