Virage Logic Ships Multi-Megabit Custom-Touch 1T-SRAM Compiler for Cost-Effective Embedded MemoryVirage Logic Offers DRAM Cost and Density With SRAM Speed

FREMONT, Calif., April 23, 2001 – Virage Logic Corp. (NASDAQ: VIRL), a leader in embedded memory solutions, today announced the availability of its Custom-Touch? 1T-SRAM? compiler in TSMC’s (NYSE: TSM) 0.18 micron standard logic process. Virage Logic partnered with MoSys and TSMC in order to deliver low power, high-yielding, multi-megabit SRAM memories without compromising quality.

Through the partnership, Virage Logic is combining its expertise in memory technology with MoSys’ patented 1T-SRAM technology to deliver memories that can be configured on the fly and at the same time be cost-effective to embed in large quantities.

With the Custom-Touch 1T-SRAM compiler, customers can specify and embed ultra-dense, high-yielding memories. Because system designers demand high manufacturing yields, the compiler is designed with built-in redundancy. This is achieved through the memory array, which includes additional memory cells used for the repair of any manufacturing defects that may arise. Such high manufacturing yields are critical for communications, networking and multi-media applications requiring large blocks of high density embedded memories.

“With the Custom-Touch 1T-SRAM compiler, we can now offer a cost-effective technology for customers who want to embed large quantities of memory in a logic process,” said Krishna Balachandran, Virage Logic director of product marketing. “With TSMC, we can validate this technology in silicon and customers can incorporate these memories in their designs with the assurance that the resulting silicon achieves satisfactory yield and reliability.”

In order to provide a high level of manufacturability of its embedded memory IP, Virage Logic puts its products through a rigorous process called the FirstPass-Silicon? program. The program is designed to ensure customers that their compiled memories will work in silicon the first time. The program embodies not only foundry specific data on the performance of the memory cores manufactured, but also on Virage Logic’s own extensive timing and power verification. The result of this process is available to customers in an extensive silicon characterization report, which is available now.

The Custom-Touch 1T-SRAM compiler is FirstPass-Silicon certified and is available off the shelf with pricing starting at $300,000 (U.S. list price) for a compiled memory instance.

About Virage Logic Virage Logic is a technology and market leader in embedded memory. To meet customer design goals with the highest level of quality, Virage Logic products are production tested, and optimized for area, power and speed. These products include embedded memory cores, which are critical components of communications, consumer and computer products including switches, routers, modems, cellular phones, set-top boxes, HDTVs, DVD players and PCs. In addition, the company offers software tools and custom memory design services. The company’s customers include fabless semiconductor companies targeting pure-play foundries and semiconductor companies. Founded in January 1996, the company has over 150 employees and is located at 46501 Landing Pkwy., Fremont, Calif., 94538. Telephone: (877) 360-6690 (toll free) or (510) 360-8000. Fax: (510) 360-8099. For more information, please visit


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