Dr. Rick Tsai Named Executive Vice President of TSMC Operations Mr. Paul Chien Appointed President of VIS

Hsinchu, Taiwan, March 1, 2000 - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company ("TSMC" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2330, NYSE: TSM) and Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation ("VIS") today jointly announced the appointments of Dr. Rick Tsai as the executive vice president of TSMC operations and Mr. Paul Chien as the president of VIS.

Dr. Morris Chang, Chairman of both TSMC and VIS, noted that in January of 1999, Dr. Tsai was appointed the president of VIS. Under Dr. Tsai's leadership, VIS successfully transferred the 0.18£gm DRAM technology licensed from Mitsubishi Electric to VIS and began the transformation into a dedicated foundry company. With his return to TSMC as the executive VP of operations, Dr. Tsai will be responsible for optimizing the resources of TSMC, TASMC, WSMC, VIS, WaferTech and SSMC to better serve our customers around the world.

Since joining TSMC in 1989, Dr. Rick Tsai held a variety of positions, including deputy director of Fab II, director of Fab III, vice president of south-site, and executive vice president. As the president of VIS, he is in charge of developing and implementing company strategies. "Dr. Tsai's distinguished performance is highly recognized. The transfer of Dr. Tsai back to TSMC as the executive VP of operations allows us to take advantage of his ability to create and maximize synergies amongst TSMC and the affiliated companies. Our priorities include expanding capacity, providing the state-of-the-art technology, and increasing customer satisfaction," Dr. Morris Chang added.

Mr. Paul Chien joined VIS as the vice president of sales & marketing on January 1st, 1995 before VIS was formally established. His achievements include establishing worldwide sales & marketing offices, receiving certification from internationally known system companies, and a steady growth in sales. In order to successfully transform VIS into a dedicated foundry company, Mr. Chien has been focusing on the development of a customer service model to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Dr. Morris stated, "Mr. Chien has significant industry experience. Before joining VIS as the vice president of sales & marketing in 1995, he served as director of engineering, TSMC North America, senior director, corporate marketing & sales service, TSMC and senior director, business development, TSMC North America. Mr. Chien also founded the 'Chinese-American Semiconductor Professional Association,' and in 1984 received the 'Intel Outstanding Achievement' award. Additionally, Mr. Chien's extensive experience with VIS makes him the most suitable candidate to lead VIS building on the solid foundation established by the former VIS presidents."

Dr. Morris Chang also pointed out that there are many talented employees in TSMC and its affiliated companies and that there have been transfers of managers and staff among these companies according to different needs at different times. The model of inter-company transfers has served its purpose well, and therefore will continue to be used in the future.