picoTurbo Joins TSMC's Design Service Alliance; picoTurbo Microprocessor Hard Cores Have Been Verified and Functionally Proven In TSMC Silicon

MILPITAS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 5, 2000--picoTurbo, Inc. a premier developer of 16/32-bit embedded RISC microprocessor cores for wireless Internet devices, today announced that it has joined forces with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd. ("TSMC") in their new Design Service Alliance (DSA) Program. This umbrella organization encompasses the three critical service areas that make up the IC design process: third-party libraries, intellectual property (IP) and IC design implementation services to help designers deliver on the promise of sytem-on-chip (SOC).

picoTurbo joins the DSA program as an IP Alliance member. The functionality of picoTurbo's cores have been proven in TSMC's .25u and .18u silicon processes to ensure the best possible design experience, easiest design reuse, and the fastest integration into the overall system design. TSMC provides unprecendented accuracy in design simulation, validation and verification, faster cycle time from specification through tapeout to finished wafers; and access to experienced designers and developers of complex functions.

Peyman Kazemkhani, IP Alliance program director of TSMC said, "By adding picoTurbo cores to our IP Alliance portfolio, we are providing our customers with another building block for high-performance SOC designs. Membership in our IP Alliance is an important part of TSMC's commitment to lowering the barriers of entry to high-performance SOC design for designers worldwide."

"picoTurbo is excited about joining TSMC's DSA program. TSMC's validation of picoTurbo's cores now provides IC designers with proven IP that will address their time-to-market issues and lower their design risk. TSMC's advanced deep sub-micro process technologies offer tremendous opportunities to IC designers looking to profit from advanced technology products such as picoTurbo. We look forward to a long-term partnership with TSMC," said Charles Stearns, CEO of picoTurbo, Inc.

picoTurbo Products:

picoTurbo has developed, designed and validated in silicon two microprocessor cores since its inception. These products have the capability of executing the ARM(R) v4T instruction set and do so with high-performance and energy efficiency. Proven in .25u and .18u silicon processes, the pT-100(TM) and pT-110(TM) offer designers new options that provide high throughput with integrated power management. Combining performance, speed, and cost efficiencies into a compact, high-performance, low-power design, the picoTurbo microprocessor series is a natural solution for applications where battery life and systems cost are critical design goals.

The pT-100 and pT-110 are available in multiple formats as soft cores, firm cores, and hard cores - including Verilog source code, encrypted RTL, gate-level netlists, and GDS II streams. The multiplicity of formats allows customers to change the aspect ratios of their layouts and port the cores to almost any IC process.

The ability to execute the ARM(R) v4T instruction set enables customers to use third party software, RTOS and development tools that exist for the ARM(R) architecture avoiding costly retooling or unnecessary learning curves. picoTurbo is providing the market and the customer with a logical choice: high performance, low power and low cost.

About TSMC

TSMC is the world's largest dedicated semiconductor foundry, providing the industry's leading process technology, library and IP options and other leading-edge foundry services. With the mergers of WSMC and TASMC (effective June 30, 2000), TSMC is constructing or operating 11 fabs and has substantial capacity commitments at three additional facilities jointly operated by TSMC and its partners. In 2000, TSMC expects to have the capacity for nearly 3.4 million 8-inch equivalent wafers. Fabrication processes offered