TSMC IS First Foundry to Implement RosettaNet E-Business Standards with National SeminconductorTSMC Successfully Launches RosettaNet Work-In-Process PIP With National

Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan, July 12, 2001 — Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd. (NYSE: TSM), the world’s leading foundry, is the first foundry to successfully transact the RosettaNet Partner Interface Process?(PIP? 3D8) with National Semiconductor Corporation of Santa Clara, Calif. With this successful transaction, TSMC has become a leader in the implementation of RosettaNet Standards for manufacturing information systems in a production environment with a customer.

RosettaNet is a major technology standards organization comprised of more than 400 companies representing over $1 trillion in annual revenues. The consortium helps align business processes across the global trading network through the development of standards and related implementation activities. The result for partners such as TSMC and National is improved supply chain visibility and automation that allows the company to augment planning processes and enhance responsiveness to change.

“As a founding member with National Semiconductor of the RosettaNet Semiconductor Manufacturing (SM) Board, we worked collaboratively with National to validate and launch the RosettaNet 3D8 PIP standard,” said Dr. Quincy Lin, senior vice president and CIO of TSMC. “The process was completed in a streamlined manner and executed in an extraordinarily short time period. TSMC and National’s achievement of this SM production milestone highlights the applicability and robustness of RosettaNet standards and further demonstrates the exemplary talent and commitment of both teams involved.”

“Being able to conduct business quickly and efficiently is critical, and our ability to interconnect business processes and information via RosettaNet standards will enable National to take process, manufacturing and distribution integration to the next level,” said Ulrich Seif, Corporate Information Officer at National Semiconductor.

As a part of its value proposition to the high tech industry, RosettaNet created technical and business dictionaries, the RosettaNet Implementation Framework (RNIF), business message schemas and process specifications for e-business standardization. These valuable standards components provide supply chain partners with a frame of reference that significantly reduces implementation time for e-business projects.

“The goal set forth by the Semiconductor Manufacturing Board earlier this year was extremely aggressive,” said Tim Lavelle, RosettaNet executive director. “We applaud TSMC and National for taking on this challenge and achieving the 7.7.01 milestone. From our perspective, their collective success is a win for the RosettaNet community, and for the entire industry.”

TSMC uses Peregrine Systems (NASDAQ: PRGN) B2B software as the platform for system-to-system integration to effectively link mission-critical business processes between TSMC and its business partners. Peregrine Systems is one of the leading business-to-business integration (B2Bi) providers in support of open standards such as RosettaNet.

Louis Blatt, president of the E-Markets Group at Peregrine, congratulated TSMC’s progress by stating: “TSMC has taken a leadership role in collaborative manufacturing and production. This implementation demonstrates how industry leaders can seize the inherent value of B2B integration to form deep, collaborative business relationships that leverage and benefit the entire value chain. Peregrine is proud to have collaborated with TSMC on this project and of the benefits it brings: near real-time communications on production status; more efficient planning and execution of internal operations; reduced operating and inventory costs; and, ultimately, faster cycle times.”

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