TSMC Sponsors the IMBA Program of National Chengchi University

The Education & Culture Foundation of TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.) announced today (21) that it would sponsor the International MBA (IMBA) program offered by the College of Commerce at National Chengchi University (NCCU). The Foundation will provide the IMBA program NT$2 million each year for three consecutive years. This sponsorship aims to foster the cultivation of international business leaders through a long-term educational collaboration project between the Foundation and National Chengchi University—a leading academic institution in the field of international business management.

Funding for the IMBA program will be offered through “TSMC scholarship,” “TSMC lecture” and “faculty study program.” “TSMC scholarship” will finance the travel and living expenses of the overseas study for the period of one semester undertaken by local students enrolled in the IMBA program. Funding for the “TSMC lecture” will go towards hiring internationally acclaimed scholars to give lectures in Taiwan. The “faculty study program” will sponsor local faculty members’ short-term overseas study in the fields of English language teaching skills and international business management.

TSMC Spokesperson, Ms. K.C. Chen pointed out that TSMC has always committed itself to cultivating professional talents for the society as a corporate citizen. Over the years, TSMC has participated in an array of long-, mid- and short-term educational and academic projects both at home and abroad. Previous donations to National Taiwan University, National Tsinghua University, National Chiaotung University and National Chengkung University were made in the hope to cultivate future business leaders who will be equipped with high-tech and management skills as well as legal discipline. The collaboration this time with the reputable NCCU marks yet another concrete action taken by TSMC to help foster future business management professionals.

According to Dr. Se-Hwa We, Dean of the Business School at NCCU, this new IMBA degree program, to be offered beginning in fall 2001, is the first of its kind in Taiwan. The program is to be taught in English and the student body is to consist of 20 Taiwanese students and around 20 foreign students who have at least one year of working experience. Students in this program will have access to an outstanding faculty and exposure to the latest knowledge in business management. They will also have the opportunities to do internships in the summer with major local or foreign companies and study in sister schools of NCCU around the world.

According to Dr. Se-Hwa Wu, this IMBA program is designed with an “Asia-Pacific” perspective in mind. By focusing on the economic and trade issues and development of the high-tech industry in the Asia-Pacific region, the program hopes to foster a unique teaching and research environment to attract local and foreign students. One of the program’s goals is to promote an understanding of the characteristics of the Asia-Pacific market and business culture through optional course offering in addition to the standard management and business courses of a regular MBA program. Another feature of this program is the mix of equal numbers of local and foreign students in the hope to foster an optimal international learning environment and enhance the students’ cultural sensitivity. The goal is to cultivate future business leaders with international business management savvy, a global perspective and excellent language abilities in order to improve Taiwan’s competitiveness in the international arena.

Different from regular EMBA programs, this master program is taught in English only. The requirement on the length of working experience is also lower. In addition to attracting high-level executives, this program also provides an excellent opportunity for those who just enter the workforce, and are already proficient in English and interested in further studies.

Application forms, as well as scholarships and assistantships are available for qualified students. For more information, please attend the briefing for the program to be held at the College of Commerce Building at NCCU at 9:30 a.m. on February 24th, visit the NCCU web site at http://imba.nccu.edu.tw or email: imba@nccu.edu.tw.