TSMC Develops FlashIP? Compiler with Virage LogicFirst Embedded Flash Compiler in Advanced Semiconductor Processes

HSIN-CHU, Taiwan—April 13, 2001— Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (NYSE: TSM), the world’s largest dedicated semiconductor foundry, has developed a new FlashIP? compiler that allows designers to quickly and easily integrate TSMC’s leading EmbFlash? technology into their advanced IC designs. The new FlashIP compiler was developed with Virage Logic, using Virage Logic’s Embed-It! software as the foundation.

“TSMC’s new FlashIP Compiler is a complementary tool for designers who need a quick way to integrate flash memory into their SoC designs,” said Fred Wang, director of TSMC’s Design Service Division. “With FlashIP compiler installed at their site, designers can gain efficiency and flexibility when generating flash memory blocks in their products.”

The FlashIP Compiler is based largely on two Virage Logic products, Embed-It! Architect and Integrator. TSMC has customized both products to meet designers’ needs for diverse memory types and configurations for TSMC’s EmbFlash. The re-designed Embed-It! Architect allows TSMC’s memory designers to build an embedded flash database. The customized version of Integrator enables rapidly deployment of the resulting FlashIP. This reduces the time spent supporting different design flows and SoC implementations. In addition, the customized Integrator can also use memory databases from any source, including Virage Logic.

“We’re very happy to have supplied tools to TSMC in this joint development. Our close partnership with TSMC was instrumental in bringing this project to a successful conclusion,” said Krishna Balachandran, director of product marketing of Virage Logic. “It’s clear that the leading IC foundry recognizes the critical importance of embedded flash to advanced SoC design. By developing the foundry-specific flash compiler, TSMC is delivering a powerful tool to allow designers quicker and more cost effectively generate memory instances for faster time-to-volume.”

TSMC’s FlashIP Compiler will be a major focus at TSMC’s Technology Symposiums, which will be held on April 23rd in San Jose, Calif.; April 25th in Austin, Tex.; April 27th in Boston, Mass.; and April 30th in Costa Mesa, Calif. To register for any Symposium, go to www.tsmc.com and click on the Technology Symposium registration button.

About EmbFlash?

TSMC's EmbFlash is the foundry industry's leading embedded flash technology. This reliable and cost-effective technology allows designers to customize a broad range of products found in MCU, DSP, smart card, cellular communications, automotive, CPLD, and other applications.

Combining TSMC's industry-leading logic process and SST's SuperFlash?/font> split-gate flash cell, EmbFlash delivers a high-performance, logic-compatible flash memory technology. EmbFlash can also increase device functionality by integrating SRAM, RF and analog functions on the same chip.

EmbFlash is currently available in TSMC’s 0.5-μm, 0.35-μm, and 0.25-μm. The 0.18-micron process generation is planned to launch in the third quarter of this year. EmbFlash features small flash block sizes and low masking steps. Most popular flash blocks are provided, with densities ranging from 4Kb to several megabits, as well as data bus widths of 8 bits, 16 bits, and 32 bits. High performance and low power consumption are implemented in the memory design. Designers can choose from an array of flexible sector sizes down to 4 bytes/sector, close to EEPROM capability.

About Virage Logic

Virage Logic is a technology and market leader in embedded memory. To meet customer design goals with the highest level of quality, Virage Logic products are optimized for area, speed, power and production tested. These products include embedded memory cores, which are critical components of commu