Artisan Free Library Program Gains Market Acceptance with Over 200 TSMC Libraries ShippedTen Devices Successfully Tape-out on TSMC's 0.25-micron Process

SUNNYVALE, Calif.-February 16, 1999 - Artisan Components, Inc. (Nasdaq:ARTI) announced today that it has shipped over 200 libraries for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company's (TSMC, NYSE:TSM) 0.25-micron process, with ten successful customer tape-outs to date. The shipment of these libraries and the resulting tape-outs prove Artisan's business model of providing foundry customers with free libraries is gaining market acceptance. Two of the companies with first-time silicon success are 3Dfx Interactive, Inc. and NVIDIA Corporation.

Artisan and TSMC have been working together since last August under the free library program to provide foundry customers with a complete 0.25-micron library, eliminating the traditional non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs, usage fees and other barriers to starting a design process in advanced technologies.

"The success of the Artisan library program is exceeding our expectations," stated Magnus Ryde, President, TSMC, USA. "Our foundry customers require high quality libraries, optimized on TSMC's process technology that enables first-time silicon success. In the future, we expect to see an increase in designs built upon Artisan libraries."

Mark Templeton, president and CEO of Artisan, said, "The great response to the program thus far has validated our strategic business model. As our free library program continues to gain acceptance in the industry, we look forward to even more tape-outs with every one being a first-time silicon success."

One of the companies that has achieved first-time silicon success with the 0.25-micron libraries is 3Dfx Interactive, Inc.

"The flexibility, accuracy and density of the Artisan library helped us to achieve full functionality on first silicon with higher clock rates than have ever been seen on a PC graphics controller," stated Nader Vasseghi, vice president of hardware engineering at 3Dfx. "That means that the first Voodoo3 off the manufacturing line was the fastest PC graphics accelerator ever made. This was a tremendous feat considering that the Voodoo3 uses 8.2 million transistors, making it more complex than a Pentium(r) II."

Another leading graphics chip supplier, NVIDIA Corporation, recently developed a device with cutting edge performance enabled in part by the Artisan libraries.

"NVIDIA has a track record of delivering the industry's highest performance 3D processors season after season," stated Chris Malachowsky, vice president of engineering at NVIDIA. "With Artisan libraries, we achieved first-time silicon success on our latest 3D processor, which contains transistor counts that rival today's high-end CPUs. Artisan is playing a key role in our ability to consistently meet the demanding design cycles of the PC industry."

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