TSMC to Start Partial Operation with Increased Power Supply

Hsinchu, Taiwan, September 24, 1999- Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC or the "Company") (NYSE: TSM) indicated as of 12:00 p.m. that the Company's power supply has been restored by 50 to 60 percent since this morning. With a stable power supply of 85 percent to be received tomorrow, it is expected that the Company's production lines will gradually resume next week.

TSMC spokesman, YC Huang stated the Company has conducted a preliminary inspection with the limited power supply in the past two days. "Currently, the fab tool inspection assessments indicate that some equipment repairs are necessary. In addition, we see some losses on wafers after work-in-progress (WIP) evaluation. Although today is the Chinese's Moon Festival holiday, relevant employees didn't go back for reunion but have returned to work to get ready for re-production given that power supply has been increased stably."

"With the 85 percent of electrical power tomorrow, we can carry out a comprehensive equipment and process check-out and necessary adjustments as well. It is hoped that our fabs will start re-production next week. Meanwhile, the damage to mask shop ad test areas is minimal, so operations in these areas may fully resume within one or two days," said Mr. Huang.

The Company also reports that in the past few days customs offices and freight forwarders were still up and running and TSMC has already shipped some material that was at the quality control stage prior to the earthquake to its customers.