TSMC Unveils The Foundry Industry's First Internet-Based Service for Design Document Retrieval

HSIN-CHU, Taiwan, September 9, 2002 – TSMC today unveiled DocuFast, the foundry industry's first internet-based searching and grouping sevices on design-related documents. Available to designers using TSMC’s On-line suite of designcollaboration tools, the new service provides the most complete and automated design document preparation, maintenance, and sharing capability in the foundry industry.

DocuFast Service consists of a wide-ranging suite of prepackaged and verified design-related technology documents specific to TSMC's technologies, such as Design Rule Manuals, Spice Models, DRC (Design Rule Check) command files, LVS (Layout vs. Schematic) command files and RCX (RC Extraction) files. With the service, documents specific to a designer’s particular project can be compiled and stored in a virtual reference area, reducing time-consuming document preparation lead-time from days to less than an hour. Re-work on design is also reduced through early version change notification.

“DocuFast is a key online tool from TSMC to help designers speed and simplify their interaction with the industry’s first true design collaboration platform,” said Genda Hu, vice president of marketing for TSMC. “This latest advance addresses one of the most difficult problems that all the designers are facing today. Not only because of the technology complexity which results in many different documents, but because of the frequent engineering changes, which results in many different versions of documents. DocuFast can accurately and most effectively help the designers to locate and retrieve the correct documents he or she needs.”

DocuFast provides fast access to all of the documents required to support a design after specifying a TSMC process technology. The internet-based service leads the designer through a series of easy-to-follow steps to create a customized, up-to-date TSMC design document package.

Designers can also share their customized DocuFast document package with other design team members. Notification of future Engineering Change Notices (ECNs) for specific technology documents will be mailed automatically to all members sharing DocuFast document packages, so that timely design impact study and updates can be implemented. With the included version information and control capability, DocuFast allows designers to manage the version consistency of their design files at any given moment, ensuring design integrity and further reducing design cycle time.

In addition to its design document management capability, DocuFast enhances the fast assessment of design options. It provides a detailed up-to-date fact sheets for over 40 TSMC technologies, ranging from 0.35-micron to 0.13-micron line widths and including CMOS and BiCMOS logic, mixed signal, silicon germanium, Flash, Emb1TRAM embedded memory and image sensor technology. Designers can select and compare different fact sheets through a consistent user interface. All DocuFast document packages and fact sheets can be downloaded in Microsoft Excel-compatible format to facilitate rapid communication among design team members.