Adaptec Honors Suppliers At Suppliers' Day 2000 Awards Ceremony

MILPITAS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 14, 2000--Adaptec, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADPT), the global leader in innovative storage solutions, recognized its suppliers at its annual suppliers' day celebrations in Santa Clara and Singapore. The theme of Adaptec's suppliers' day celebration was "Mission is Possible" because, together with a team of committed suppliers, Adaptec accomplished its mission of business excellence.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. (TSMC) received the 2000 Tribute Award that recognizes an Adaptec supplier that has consistently made significant contributions, year after year, to Adaptec's business success. During the more than eight years the company has been an Adaptec partner, TSMC has helped Adaptec meet critical design specifications, and has ramped up on production in short order on several occasions resulting in major customer wins.

Texas Instruments received the Adaptec Supplier of the Year Award that recognizes one business partner that has gone above and beyond the call of duty during the fiscal year in helping Adaptec achieve business excellence. TI delivered 100 percent on time, met quality, delivery, cost reduction and supplier inventory goals, and has been an overall stellar performer.

DFM International, Earthquake Express, and Geologistics Americas received Logistics Supplier of the Year awards for outstanding inventory management and logistics support.

Corporate Express was honored as MRO Indirect Supplier of the Year for playing a key role in implementing an on-line ordering system for nonproduction materials.

GenRad was recognized as Manufacturing Supplier of the Year for providing outstanding service in test system support, quick and accurate response to technical issues, and demonstrating a willingness to work with Adaptec in solving highly technical test issues.

Pioneer Standard received the Prototype Supplier of the Year Award for attention to detail in helping Adaptec end of life components and component cutovers.

In addition, 85 companies received "Best in Class" recognition for excellent support and exceptional records in quality, on-time delivery, cost reduction and consistent exceptional service.

Adaptec's "Mission is Possible" suppliers' day marks the third such event where Adaptec celebrates a successful year with its suppliers around the globe.

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