TSMC Senior Vice President Dr. Stephen Tso to Retire

Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C. – Oct. 16, 2017 – TSMC today announced that Senior Vice President Dr. Stephen Tso has decided to retire from the Company on March 1st, 2018. Dr. Tso’s responsibilities in Materials Management and Risk Management (MM&RM) will be assumed by Vice President J.K. Lin, and his responsibilities in Information Technology (IT) will be assumed by Senior Director Thomas Chen.

Dr. Tso departs his position to spend the majority of his time with family and enjoy a fulfilling retirement life.

Dr. Tso joined TSMC in 1996 and held a variety of executive positions during his tenure. Under his leadership, IT increased TSMC’s operational efficiency and accelerated research and development through automation, big data analytics, and machine learning, while MM&RM partnered with suppliers to build long-term win-win relationships.

“I am very grateful for my 21 years at TSMC, and especially thankful to the Chairman for giving me the opportunity to participate in TSMC’s miraculous growth,” said Dr. Stephen Tso. “When I joined TSMC, it was only a medium-sized company and revenues had just exceeded US$1 billion. After 21 years, it has become a world-class company with over US$30 billion revenue and US$10 billion net profit, and market cap has exceeded US$200 billion. It has been more exciting than a roller-coaster ride, and a rare opportunity in anyone’s life. Along the way, I have had the good fortune of observing the Chairman’s decision-making process, and learned strategic thinking and in-depth thinking. It has been a great adventure, and in addition to gratitude, I have only more gratitude.”

“For over two decades, Steve has worked hard as an important contributor to TSMC’s many wondrous achievements, and witnessed the Company’s ascent to new heights,” said TSMC Chairman Dr. Morris Chang. “I treasure and am truly grateful for his commitment to the Company. It is because of him that asset effectiveness and information technology have become competitive advantages for TSMC. We have fought the good fight together, and I wish Steve a happy and rewarding retirement.”