TSMC Fab12 Sets World Record for Delivery of 0.13-Micron Devices on 300mm Wafers with Production-Worthy Yields

HSIN-CHU, Taiwan, Oct. 22, 2001 –Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd. (TSMC or the "Company") (NYSE: TSM) today announced that its Fab12 is the world’s first full-scale 300mm manufacturing facility to produce 0.13-micron devices with production-worthy yields. TSMC Fab12 has produced SRAM chips using the company’s industry-leading, all-copper, 0.13-micron logic process with yields comparable to TSMC’s 8-inch fabs.

This milestone makes TSMC the first foundry to deliver a 0.13-micron process in a 300mm manufacturing environment, and the first to yield at production-worthy levels. One customer has already taped out a 0.13-micron SRAM product to Fab12 and several others have scheduled their leading-edge 0.13-micron products for Fab12 production. Qualification of these products is expected to be complete in the first quarter of 2002.

“TSMC has continuously delivered new technologies and services that provide our customers with competitive advantages,” said Dr. Genda Hu, vice president of corporate marketing for TSMC. “Based on a successful technical transfer from our 300mm pilot line at TSMC Fab 6, the success of TSMC Fab12 has demonstrated that we can support customer demand for 0.13-micron technology in a 300mm manufacturing environment.”

“This is really an extraordinary team achievement,” said Mr. JJ Lin, director of TSMC Fab12. “Fab 12’s excellent 0.13-micron yields, fueled by the pioneering 0.13-micron process work at our 300mm pilot line at Fab6, has launched us ahead of our already aggressive schedule for Fab 12.”

TSMC announced in August 2001 that its Fab12 300mm manufacturing facilities had achieved excellent yields in pilot production of several 0.15-micron devices, including a customer product. This latest announcement indicates the aggressive schedule the company has set for itself in qualifying leading processes to its 300mm manufacturing lines.

TSMC Fab 12 features a planned capacity of 25,000 300mm wafers per month. The installed capacity at the end of 2001 is expected to reach 4,500 300mm wafers per month. Fab 12 is also a site for the development of TSMC's 0.10um technology and will be the research and development center for TSMC's future technologies at all nodes thereafter.