TSMC to Add the ARM926EJ Microprocessor Core in Advanced Process Technologies Through the ARM Foundry Program

San Jose, Calif – October 9, 2003 –Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) today announced the expansion of an agreement with ARM to enable TSMC customers to access the ARM926EJ™ microprocessor core. Under the terms of the agreement between TSMC and ARM, TSMC customers may access the ARM926EJ microprocessor core, hardened and validated by ARM, on a per-design basis through the Foundry Program and thus lower the level of access to ARM® technology. This agreement also gives TSMC customers a direct upgrade path to the ARM926EJ core from earlier ARM cores offered through the Foundry Program. The ARM926EJ core, is now in active production by TSMC for its customer base that currently represents the foundry industry’s largest contingent of ARM core licensees.

“By offering the ARM926EJ core, TSMC is opening up access to new ARM core-based applications,” said Ed Chen, TSMC’s director of services product marketing. “We plan to validate this foundry core for a full range of process technologies, including TSMC’s 0.18-micron 0.13-micron and 90nm.”

The ARM926EJ core features ARM Jazelle® technology providing optimum Java byte code execution performance with low-power consumption, and is ideally suited to support designs in the wireless, portable, broadband, networking, storage, and automotive telematics and infotainment markets. ARM can directly provide the ARM926EJ core-based PrimeXsys™ Platform to TSMC customers.

The joint agreement enables a three-way relationship among TSMC, ARM and a participating semiconductor company that accelerates the time-to-market for designs adopting ARM cores. The ARM926EJ core is the 5th microprocessor core added to the current portfolio that includes the ARM7TDMI® core, the ARM922T™ core, the ARM946E™ core and the ARM1022E™ core.

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