TSMC Dedicates Headquarters as “Morris Chang Building”

Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C. – July 10, 2018 – TSMC today held a building dedication ceremony renaming its headquarters as the “Morris Chang Building”. TSMC Founder Dr. Morris Chang was invited by Chairman Dr. Mark Liu and CEO and Vice Chairman Dr. C.C. Wei to personally unveil the building’s new sign. Dr. Liu and Dr. Wei thanked the Founder for his many years of service to TSMC and said that they would continue to bear in mind the founder’s example of longsighted and strategic decision-making, as well as uphold and pass on the core values of “Integrity, Commitment, Innovation, and Customer Trust” that the Founder set for TSMC.

“We are grateful for the Founder’s guidance over the past 30 years for firmly establishing TSMC’s strong core values,” said Chairman Dr. Mark Liu. “Under the Founder’s leadership, all of TSMC’s important decisions have come from the corporate headquarters. With today’s dedication, our aim is to keep the Founder’s legacy in the hearts of this generation and future generations of leaders at TSMC, and continue to build on his foundation. We are committed to keeping the TSMC miracle alive.”

“The words ‘Morris Chang Building’ above our entrance not only remind our TSMC colleagues of the core values left by our Founder, they also show to all of our visiting customers, suppliers, and other business partners that the TSMC values and business principles they have relied upon have not changed, and will never change,” said CEO and Vice Chairman Dr. C.C. Wei.

TSMC has erected a sign marking the Morris Chang Building at the entrance to the Fab 12 headquarters building, and will rename the building’s lecture hall as the “Morris Chang Lecture Hall”.