Synopsys and Avant! Lead Internet-Based Design Revolution;Concept-to-Silicon Virtual Design Environment Enabled Through Collaborationwith TSMC

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. and FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 1, 2000--Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq:SNPS), together with Avant! Corp. (Nasdaq:AVNT), today launched DesignSphere(SM) Access, an open Hosted Design Environment that radically reduces the cycle time and total cost required to take designs from concept to silicon production. DesignSphere Access combines leading electronic design automation (EDA) tools with extensive computing resources, network capability and security services accessible via the Internet. An agreement with semiconductor manufacturing leader Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (NYSE:TSM) links DesignSphere Access directly to TSMC's eFoundry service. DesignSphere Access integrates the offerings of these industry leaders to revolutionize the design of complex integrated circuits (ICs). More information about DesignSphere Access can be found at

Market Opportunity for Hosted Design Environments

DesignSphere Access is initially targeted at fast growing companies for whom establishing and maintaining a state-of-the-art, comprehensive IC design environment is an expensive and time-consuming task. To differentiate themselves and quickly bring new chips to market, these companies must focus on their unique design intellectual property (IP), while avoiding expensive infrastructure development. According to Dataquest, there are nearly 500 new companies working in the networking and communication areas alone, with many designing complex IC chips.(a)

"We are developing breakthrough wireless technology to address one of today's critical network bottlenecks: the 'last mile' of broadband access," said Reza Ahy, president & CEO of Aperto Networks. "We chose DesignSphere Access for our Hosted Design Environment, because it fits our need for accelerated time-to-market requirements. In turn, this enhances our ability to meet service providers' needs for rapid deployment using our solutions."

"As a startup in the networking industry, our team needs to focus on creating the best design, not on CAD and IT infrastructure," said Lee Bauman, CEO of Alacrity Communications. "We are months ahead because of our selection of DesignSphere Access."

DesignSphere Access significantly reduces the effort companies currently expend to create and operate the sophisticated computational environments required for complex IC design. DesignSphere Access allows customers to connect easily to a Hosted Design Environment of state-of-the-art workstations, EDA software, design libraries, IT services and silicon manufacturing facilities, on-line all the time and accessible from anywhere. Customers benefit in a number of ways:

Immediate availability of premier design tools from concept through physical implementation Rapid reconfiguration and scalability - additional CPU and tool licenses available as needed 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week operation and support Access to best-in-class tools from third-party vendors based on customer demand Accessibility anytime, anywhere allows design engineers work from any machine with a browser and Internet connection, regardless of location or time zone Secure access to facilitate collaboration among design teams, partners and support personnel Freedom from details of hardware, software, data management, backup and security that are required by even the smallest design company, allowing companies to focus on their true core competency - design expertise "DesignSphere Access marks a breakthrough to a new era in how design is done," said Aart de Geus, chairman & CEO of Synopsys, Inc. "The Internet has created a tremendous opportunity to increase the value that EDA companies can provide the design community. With leading EDA technologies in the open environment that DesignSphere Access provides, we are removing barriers to entry for a whole new market of IC designer