TSMC Culture & Education Foundation Sponsors the World of the Heavenly Khan - Treasure of T’ang Dynasty Exhibit

Hsinchu, Taiwan, April 19, 2002 – Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Culture and Education Foundation (TSMC Foundation; the Foundation) announced today to sponsor NT$ 6,000,000 to the exhibit of World of the Heavenly Khan-Treasure of T’ang Dynasty, organized by National Palace Museum of Taiwan, R.O.C., Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts and Chinatimes. By supporting exhibitions and related educational events, TSMC Foundation hopes to contribute its effort to promote esthetic education in Taiwan.

TSMC Foundation’s mission is guided by three principles: Commitment to Education, Contribution to Communities, and Sponsorship of National Art and Cultural Activities. The Esthetic Education Promotion is one of the Foundation’s focuses for year 2002, in an aim to facilitate cultural development among society and individuals. In addition to sponsorship for the exhibition, the Foundation also supports funding for students to visit the exhibit, beginning with the junior high school and elementary school students from Hsinchu County, Hsinchu City and Tainan County. This program intends to encourage students to expose to various aspects of esthetic education as young as possible.

Dr. F. C. Tseng, Chairman of TSMC Foundation said the visit to Famen Temple and Shan’xi History Museum in Xi’an left him a remarkable impression during his private trip to China several years ago. The valuable collections, from gold embroidery skirt offered by Empress Wu Zetian to eastern Roman glass vessel, demonstrate the richness and diversity of T’ang Culture. In addition to these archeological wonders, the cultural diversity shown in T’ang Dynasty is also a realization of esthetic virtue, which made Chang’an’s city the culture center of the world during T’ang Dynasty. Dr. Tseng also stated that World of the Heavenly Khan-Treasure of Tang Dynasty Exhibit is a major esthetic education project of the Foundation to invite fellow Taiwan citizens to experience the art, history, lives and diverse culture of T’ang Dynasty.

In the press conference, Dr. Tseng presented two TSMC 12-inch Ceramic Plates to the delegate representatives from National Palace Museum and Mainland China as memorial tokens of this cultural exchange event. The plate, embedded with a die cut from a 12-inch wafer manufactured by TSMC, is made in commemoration of the foundry industry’s first 12-inch wafer manufactured by TSMC in 2000. It also represents the beauty of the union of technology and art.

Director ST Du of National Palace Museum indicated that World of the Heavenly Khan-Treasure of Tang Dynasty is an exciting exhibit generated by cross-strait collaborations. The exhibited items include masterpieces that amaze the archeology field. National Palace Museum is grateful for TSMC Foundation’s sponsorship which made such a large-scale T’ang Dynasty exhibit in Taiwan possible. He also recognized TSMC Foundation’s long-term effort in supporting arts and cultural activities.