Avant! and TSMC Alliance First to Integrate 0.18 micron Libraries and Tools

Fremont, Calif., October 26, 1998- Avant! Corporation (Nasdaq:AVNT) and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC) today announced the first complete tool integration with foundry-specific libraries for 0.18 micron designs.

The alliance between TSMC, the world's leading pure play foundry, and Avant!, the leading provider of solutions for very deep submicron (VDSM) design, will provide end-users with silicon proven early release libraries, tightly integrated with back-end tools to help automate design flows and ensure first time accuracy of silicon.

Avant!'s Libra-Visa libraries will be integrated into the SinglePass VDSM design flow that includes Apollo's place and route technology, Hercules' hierarchical physical verification capability, Saturn's optimization, Planet's floorplanning, Mars's design analysis, and Star-RC's 3D extraction features. The back-end full chip verification accuracy is further enhanced through the Avant! Silicon Blueprint Program that provides TSMC silicon-calibrated models and files for the tools.

"We are pleased that through our collaboration with TSMC, for the first time customers will have access to integrated front-end to back-end tools and silicon-proven libraries at the 0.18 micron level," said Vic Kulkarni, general manager of Avant!'s library unit. "This unique combination of Avant!'s design tools and libraries, calibrated models from our Silicon Blueprint Program, and TSMC's world-class manufacturing process will greatly reduce fab costs and ease time-to-market pressures."

In a comprehensive agreement for library development, tool integration and support agreement, Avant! will provide TSMC customers with SinglePass, a fully integrated VDSM high performance design solution.

Avant! will develop and support Libra-Visa libraries that are optimized for its own very deep-submicron design tools and TSMC's 0.18 micron silicon manufacturing. This expands TSMC's 0.25 micron foundation IP physical libraries, enabling Avant! customers to design and manufacture their VDSM designs to assure world-class foundry support and provide high-quality results.

"Silicon-proven libraries, coupled with their integration with Avant!'s ICDA tools will give ASIC designers and fabless customers great confidence as they move to customer owned tooling models at the 0.18 micron level," said Magnus Ryde, president of TSMC USA. "Avant!'s integrated approach includes highly optimized TSMC libraries that will offer a unique front-to-back IC development capability that can achieve first-time-right silicon accuracy for our customers."

About Avant!'s Library Unit

The Avant! Library Unit develops deep-submicron foundation IP physical libraries for specific foundry manufacturing processes. Libra-Visa libraries (Optimum Silicon standard cells, I/Os, and memory compilers) are designed and characterized according to foundry-specific design rules and Spice models and are used to develop foundry independent libraries. The libraries are developed in the complete Avant! design tool environment and are optimized to give superior performance and chip density. This provides the industry's tightest integration and best support of both tools and libraries. From foundry technology to design tools, tape-out and manufacturing, only Avant! integrates the flow and libraries for improved performance.

About Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)

TSMC (ADS traded NYSE: TSM, also traded on TSE) is the world's largest dedicated integrated circuit ("IC") foundry and offers a comprehensive set of IC fabrication processes, including processes to manufacture CMOS logic, mixed-mode, volatile and non-volatile memory and BiCMOS chips. Currently, TSMC operates two 6-inch wafer fabs (Fab1 and 2), and three 8-inch wafer fabs (Fab 3,4 and 5), all located