TSMC Co-COO Dr. Shang-Yi Chiang to Retire

TSMC today announced that Executive Vice President and Co-Chief Operating Officer overseeing Research and Development, Dr. Shang-yi Chiang, will retire from the company on October 31, 2013. The R&D Organization will report directly to Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Morris Chang effective November 1. Dr. Chiang departs his position to enjoy retirement life, but will continue to serve as advisor to the Chairman of TSMC, sit in on Board of Directors’ meetings, and take on other special assignments.

Dr. Chiang joined TSMC in 1997 and led TSMC’s R&D team through five generations of technology, from 0.25 micron to 65nm. He first retired in 2006, but was invited by Dr. Morris Chang to return in 2009, and has since led R&D through the 28nm and 20nm processes and into the 16nm FinFET generation. Under his leadership, TSMC has also initiated R&D activities into 10nm and considerably strengthened its capabilities in pathfinding and advanced packaging.

“During my terms at TSMC, the R&D organization has grown from less than 400 people to 7,600 strong, and I am deeply thankful to TSMC for providing me with the resources and oustanding colleagues that have supported me in reaching the proudest achievments of my career,” said Dr. Shang-Yi Chiang. “It has been my honor to fulfill the missions that Chairman Chang entrusted to me in 2009, and I can now leave him with a world-class R&D team eager to challenge the limits of semiconductor technology.”

“Shang-yi has been a most important contributor to TSMC in the last 16 years, and every member of the TSMC family is grateful for what he has achieved for the company,” said Chairman and CEO Dr. Morris Chang. “To his staff, he is a beloved and respected mentor, and to me, he is a close friend and colleague. I look forward to working with him in his new role and receiving his valued counsel in the future.”