TSMC Board of Directors Approves First-Half Financial Statements

Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C., August 14, 2007 –TSMC held a meeting of the Board of Directors today, at which the Board approved financial statements for the first half of 2007. Consolidated revenue for the first six months of 2007 totaled NT$139,815 million, while consolidated net income was NT$44,323 million.

TSMC Spokesperson and Vice President Ms. Lora Ho said other major conclusions of the Board meeting were as follows:

1. Approved capital appropriations totaling US$59.8 million for establishing 12-inch wafer level packaging technology and capacity to meet future market demand. Wafer level packaging technology can effectively reduce the size of end-products and raise the competitiveness of TSMC and its customers.

2. Approved capital appropriations totaling US$22.8 million for upgrading a monthly capacity of 12,600 eight-inch wafers in 0.18 micron logic process to 11,100 eight-inch wafers capable of high voltage, radio frequency (RF), and BiCMOS processes.