TSMC Celebrates 25th Anniversary of the North American Technology Symposium

Santa Clara, CA – April 22, 2019 - TSMC celebrates the 25th anniversary of its North American Technology Symposium, the Company’s largest technology forum for customer collaboration. The 2019 North American Technology Symposium will be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center on April 23 and will highlight TSMC’s breakthroughs in advanced logic technology, specialty technology, advanced packaging and more. With more than 2,000 total attendees, the Symposium is set to extend the event’s long track record of showcasing TSMC’s technology leadership.

In the past two years, TSMC has led the industry in advanced, specialty, and packaging technologies including:
● The World’s first complete 5nm design infrastructure in 2019
● The World’s first commercially available 7nm EUV in volume production in 2019
● The World’s first 7nm automotive platform in 2019
● The World’s first 7nm technology in volume production in 2018
● Foundry’s first 22nm embedded MRAM technology qualified in 2019
● Foundry’s first under panel optical fingerprint sensor technology in production in 2018
● Foundry’s first 28nm RF for 5G mmWave devices production in 2017
● Foundry’s first advanced fan-out package (InFO_oS) for high-performance computing (HPC) applications in volume production in 2017

“TSMC role in the industry is to be the trusted technology and capacity provider to unleash our customers’ innovations,” said Dr. C.C. Wei, Chief Executive Officer of TSMC. “By working with our customers, our advanced technologies helped catalyze the smartphone revolution and enabled the continuous advancement in wireless communication, while our latest 7nm process has become a key enabler of artificial intelligence (AI) already embedded into many innovative services. Going forward, our 5nm and more advanced process technologies, combined with customer innovation, will bring amazing 5G experiences and transformative AI applications to our daily lives.”

  “TSMC’s Technology Symposium has grown with the company, evolving from an annual update on technology progress to a comprehensive showcase of technology platforms and design ecosystems,” said David Keller, President and CEO of TSMC North America. “Through the years, what has not changed, and what will not change, is our focus on innovation and our customers’ successes.”

The TSMC North American Technology Symposium will begin with a keynote by CEO Dr. C.C. Wei including case studies of collaboration with customers, followed by presentations on TSMC’s Advanced Technology, Specialty Technology, Design Enablement, and Manufacturing Excellence. It also includes briefings on TSMC’s comprehensive Mobile, High-Performance Computing, Internet of Things, and Automotive platforms as well as Advanced RF and Analog Technologies and Advanced Packaging Technology.

The Symposium in Santa Clara will be followed by workshops in Boston, MA on May 1 and Austin, TX on May 8. For more information, please visit TSMC’s events web page at https://www.tsmc.com/english/newsEvents/events.htm .