TSMC Recognizes Outstanding Suppliers at Supply Chain Management Forum

Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C. – November 14, 2008 – TSMC held its seventh annual Supply Chain Management Forum today to recognize the support and contributions of its partners over the past year and to award six outstanding materials and equipment suppliers.

This year’s forum explored the theme of “Striving for Supply Chain Excellence”, and highlighted the three major topics of new technology development, innovative cost reduction, and supply chain efficiency.

The Forum also included breakout sessions on equipment life cycle management, partnering for win-win solutions, supplier performance management, upstream supply chain management, and customer relationship management, as well as discussions on environmental policies and practices. Some 410 suppliers from around the world in the fields of equipment, materials, packaging, testing, facility, IT, export/import services, and environmental and waste management services participated in the forum.
Under these difficult economic conditions, we want to maintain a reasonable cost structure and find innovative ways to identify and reduce redundancy while providing even more competitive process solutions to let customers migrate quickly and effectively to new technology nodes,” said Dr. Stephen Tso, TSMC’s Senior Vice President of Materials Management and Risk Management and Chief Information Officer. “This forum will not only continue to promote local production to improve cycle times and reduce manufacturing and transportation costs, it also aims to develop a complete supply chain management system to improve overall efficiency.”
“TSMC appreciates all the support suppliers have provided over the years, and this year’s awards give special recognition to the partners in materials and equipment whose achievements in quality, cost, delivery, service, technology, and safety can act as a role model to others in the industry,” added Dr. Tso.
The winners of TSMC’s 2008 supplier awards are as follows:
EBARA Corporation – CMP Equipment
Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates – Implanters
Hitachi Kokusai Electric – Furnaces
Novellus Systems – CVD Equipment

Tokyo Ohka Kogyo –Photo Resist
Cabot Microelectronics –Slurry and Pad

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