“TSMC Esthetic Education Tour” Sponsored by TSMC Education and Culture Foundation Takes 12,000 School Children in Taiwan to Museums

Hsinchu, Taiwan, September 13, 2002 – The “TSMC Esthetic Education Tour” sponsored by TSMC Education and Culture Foundation (TSMC Foundation) was officially launched today. The project is expected to take a total of 12,000 children enrolled in public elementary schools throughout Taiwan to visit museums and other fine arts establishments by the end of 2003. By exposing school children to fine arts at a young age through a museum tour, TSMC Foundation hopes to contribute its effort to children esthetic education in Taiwan.

The “TSMC Esthetic Education Tour” marks TSMC Foundation’s first endeavor in designing and planning the entire project, tours and teaching materials by itself. The activity combines the rich cultural and fine art resources of the National Palace Museum and Taipei Contemporary Art Museum, the assistance from the Ministry of Education and the services and support from the China Youth Corps. Under such coordinated efforts, a total of 12,000 school children throughout Taiwan will be able to tour the National Palace Museum, Taipei Contemporary Art Museum, the National Concert Hall and the National Theater. The “TSMC Fine Art Education Tour” is an attempt to broaden the visions and strengthen the basics of esthetic education by exposing children to different forms of fine arts at a young age. TSMC Foundation hopes to expand the scope of such visits in the future to include more museums in other regions of Taiwan.

Led by Chairman F. C. Tseng, the Foundation’s mission has been the commitment to education, cultural support and contributions to the TSMC community since its establishment. Esthetic Education Promotion is the focus of TSMC Foundation’s efforts this year. The goal of promoting esthetic education does not end at the appreciation of fine arts. Esthetic Education covers the process from contact, comprehension, appreciation to actualization. It is also a training process involving self-recognition, judgement and creativity. Confucius once emphasized in the importance of esthetic education through the exposure to poetry, books, etiquette and music on individuals and the society and country. TSMC Foundation hopes to enhance the quality of living and promote cultural development through diversified esthetic educational activities.

National Palace Museum Director, S. T. Tu, believes that a child’s first encounter with a museum influences his/her future impressions of a museum. By collaborating with TSMC Foundation in the “TSMC Esthetic Education Tour,” Tu hopes to offer school children a happy first encounter with the museum. The National Palace Museum has devoted itself in recent years to relating to everyday life, invigorating itself and appealing to the common people in an attempt to shortening the distance between the general public and its collection of cultural artifacts. The goal is to turn the National Palace Museum into the institution of art and cultural education as well as the top choice for art and culture related recreational activities for all countrymen.

Deputy Minister of Ministry of Education (MOE), Sun-lu Fan, also stressed Ministry’s emphasis on fine art education. Fang points out that the category of “Arts and Humanities” in the newly launched 9-year educational system focuses on the learning of estheticism centered on the fostering of humanities disciplines. According to Fang, MOE officials are very glad to learn that TSMC Foundation has taken the initiative to design such an activity and invest the manpower and funds needed to promote the importance of esthetic education, setting a good example of a responsible corporate citizen.

China Youth Corps also assisted TSMC Foundation in executing the “TSMC Esthetic Education Tour” by offering its years of experiences in servicing the youth. Director C. K. Lee of China Youth Corps expressed great interests in collaborating with successful businesses in promoting educational and public service activities. Lee indicated that such activities not only foster young talents in the field of esthetic but also stimulate young people’s interests in fine art appreciation and creative work, which will enrich the cultural landscape in the country and lead to a kinder and gentler society.

Officially launched on September 13th, the “TSMC Esthetic Education Tour” will last for 18 months. The activity has attracted enthusiastic responses from many counties and city bureaus of education since the acceptance of applications began some time ago. At present, applications from schools located in remote rural areas and those with relatively fewer resources will receive priority attention. The activity is expected to accommodate at least a total of 12,000 school children. The China Youth Corps will arrange all field trips of the “TSMC Esthetic Education Tour.” TSMC Foundation will cover all the expenses for the transportation, room and board and insurance related to the trips. Every participating child will also receive a Esthetic Education travel pack containing a cap, a pen and a Esthetic Education Passport. Hopefully, every child will begin a happy esthetic education tour feeling relaxed, interested and ready to learn.