TSMC announces assistance for water park explosion victims

Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C. – TSMC today announced that the Company will donate pressure garments to victims of the June 27 Formosa Fun Coast Water Park explosion to assist them with recovery and rehabilitation over the next two to three years. TSMC will initially donate two garments each to victims with second to third degree burns, and provide additional garments based on progress of individual recovery. Those eligible may contact the Childhood Burn Foundation of the Republic of China for measurement and collection of these garments.

TSMC will mobilize its online “i-Charity” platform as a channel for employee donations, and has also invited members companies of SEMI to participate. All expenses for the project will be paid from a specially earmarked account collecting funds from TSMC and participating donors.

More than 500 people were injured at a party held at the Formosa Fun Coast Water Park on June 27 due to a fire caused by the accidental explosion of colored powder used at the event. Pressure garments are an important tool for burn rehabilitation, and are worn to improve skin and joint recovery.