TSMC Announces 2000 Financial Forecast

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd. (“ TSMC” or “ the Company” ) (TAIEX: 2330, NYSE: TSM) today announced its financial forecast for 2000. The net sales for fiscal year 2000, which ends December 31, are estimated at NT$164,869 million, representing a 125.4% increase over net sales in fiscal year 1999. Net income for year 2000 is estimated at NT$64,002 million, representing a 160.6% increase over 1999. Based on weighted-average number of shares outstanding, earnings per share for 11,399,691,000 shares in 2000 are estimated to be NT$5.61.

Ms. K.C. Chen, TSMC Spokesperson, said the Company is publishing this financial forecast for the year 2000 pursuant to the Republic of China Securities and Futures Exchange’s “Guidelines for Publishing of Financial Forecasts of Public Companies”, which stipulates that such a disclosure must be made following TSMC’s mergers of Worldwide Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. (WSMC) and TSMC-Acer Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. (TASMC), as well as the Company’s issuance of Preferred A shares.

Ms. Chen pointed out that due to the continual growth of the global semiconductor market, the Company’s production capacity is expected to continue to increase. In addition, capacity utilization rates are expected to remain full. Prices for finished wafers are also expected to grow. The combination of these factors leads to net sales of NT$164,869 million for 2000, representing an increase of approximately 125% over 1999.

TSMC’s financial forecast for 2000 also includes gross profit of NT$71,672 million, operations income of NT$58,198 million, income before tax of NT$62,880 million, net income of NT$64,002 million and earnings per share of NT$5.61.